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Location of Cemeteries in Rockbridge County
Phyllis C. Harvey
Ackerly Cemetery
Angela M. Ruley
Broad Creek/Miller

Angela M. Ruley
Collierstown Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Pat Martin
Cunningham Family Cemetery

Sarah Cunningham
Falling Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Liz Bfull
High Bridge Cemetery
Marilyn B. Headley
High Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Dave Collins
Kerr's Creek District - Cemetery Book
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Angela M. Ruley
Lexington Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
McKee Cemetery
Angela M. Ruley
Natural Bridge Baptist Church Cemetery
Dave Collins
Old Monmouth Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Angela M. Ruley
Rapps Mill Church Cemetery Cemetery
Rena Worthen
Rapps Mill Cemetery
Glenna Garner
Shafer Cemetery
Glenna Garner
Stonewall Jackson Cemetery
Glenna Garner
Stonewall Memorial Jackson Cemetery
Mimi Taylor
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