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Dacus Family
3m SSE of Dacusville
GPS = N34 54.207 x W82 32.642
P287 Need help recording cemetery   Photos   
Dacusville United Methodist (1856)
.5m S of Dacusville

GPS = N34 55.883 x W82 33.441
P040 Sharon Hollingsworth-Ibarra 21 May 2003 Photos  
Day Family
1m E of Easley

GPS = N34 49.493 x W82 33.820
P041 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 15 Aug 2003 Photos  
Duncan-Trotter Family

2.5m N of Easley

Same as P169 Popular Springs Methodist

Durham Family

3m NNW of Six-Mile

GPS = N34 51.144 x W82 50.962
P289 Need help recording cemetery   Photos   
Easley Family
7m E of Easley

GPS = N34 49.473 x W82 29.247
P170 Nancy Hawkins 08 June 2003 Photos  
Easley 1st Methodist

s/a New location/name  for P227 Mt Olivet Methodist      
Easley Union
2m S of Easley

GPS = N34 49.127 x W82 36.630
P042 Sharon E King

For Baptist, Methodist & Wesleyan
27 Dec 2006 Photos  
Eastatoee Baptist (1900)
3m W of Sunset

GPS = N34 59.250 x W82 50.726
P043 Need help recording cemetery   Photos  
Ellenburg-Holden Family
2m SW of Nine-Times

GPS = N34 53.429 x W82 52.000
P230 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 3 Sep 2003 Photos  
Ellison Family

6m SE of Easley GPS = N34 47.965 x W82 31.870
P171 Lowry Wilson 29 Dec 1999 Photos   
Enon Baptist (1851)
2m NW of Easley

GPS = N34 50.238 x W82 38.973
P044 Sharon E King 14 Dec 2006 Photos  
Evans Memorial

1m S of Six-Mile

s/a Same as P258 Six-Mile Church of God of Prophecy

Fairview Baptist (1954)
3m N of Norris

GPS = N34 48.186 x W82 45.722


Fairview Methodist (1832)

aka Fairfew Methodist

3m N of Norris
P046      s/a   Need help recording cemetery   Sold church building to P046 Fairview Baptist in 1954   Photos   
Fairview Independent Baptist
3m S of Pumpkintown

GPS = N34 57.339 x W82 38.739
P221 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 12 Aug 2003 Photos  
Faith Baptist (1949)

1m NW of Norris

GPS = N34 45.948 x W82 45.881  Gospel Tabernacle (1947-1949)

1m NW of Norris
P263    Note Judy Ballard

    Renamed P263
16-Oct-2005 Photos   
Ferguson Family

2m NE of Six-Mile

GPS = N34 53.759 x W82 40.251

Need help recording cemetery

Fields Family, Dr. W.T.
3m W of Pickens

GPS = N34 53.625 x W82 38.045
P234 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 18 Oct 2003 Photos  
Flat Rock Baptist (1870)
3m SE of Liberty

GPS = N34 45.013 x W82 39.700  Flat Rock Baptist (1961)
3m SE of Liberty

GPS = N34 45.062 x W82 39.627
P049   P048 Need help recording cemetery   Need help recording cemetery   Photos       Photos    
Folly Hill Memorial
3m NE of Rocky Bottom

GPS = N35 04.634 x W82 46.710
P050 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 19 Sep 2003 Photos  
Fort Hill Plantation

Clemson University
s/a Same as C243 Woodland      
Fort Hill Presbyterian Cemetery

GPS = N34 41.147 x W82 50.224
P251 Paul M Kankula - NN8NN 9 Oct 2001 Photos  
Fortner Family
2m N of Easley

GPS = N34 52.704 x W82 36.077
P173 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 15 Sep 2003 Photos  
Freeman Family

6m N of Easley

P187 Need help finding & recording cemetery      
Freeman Family, Benton
4m W of Dacusville

GPS = N34 55.933 x W82 38.710
P226 Gary L Flynn - KE8FD 15 Sep 2003 Photos  
Freeman Family, Mark
3m SW of Dacusville

s/a Same as P198 Cross Roads Church of Christ      
Friendship Methodist (c1830-1865) (Old)

.5m NW of Sunset GPS = N34 58.841 x W82 48.537  Gilstrap-Walker Family

.5m NW of Sunset   Friendship Methodist (1865-1955) (New)

GPS = N34 58.661 x W82 47.682
P174    s/a  P052  Gary L Flynn - KE8FD    Same as P174   Need help recording cemetery  22 Aug 2003 Photos             Photos  
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