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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Baker Family Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Sandra Brant
Beale's Mill Cemetery

Penny Beasley
Benthall Cemetery

Penny Beasley
Bridgers Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Concord Methodist Church Cemetery

P. C. Moody
Beauregard Draper Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Elliott-Shoulars Homeplace Cemetery

Bob, Judy & Kim Hetherington
Floyd Family Cemetery

W.D. Floyd
Alexander Futrell Cemetery

Gerald L. Byrd
Futrell-Baggett Cemetery

Penny Beasley
Geary Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Gray Family Cemetery

W.D. Floyd
Harris Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery

Penny Beasley
Kee Cemetery #1

W. J. Coker
Kee Cemetery #2

W. J. Coker
Lassiter Family Cemetery

Bob, Judy & Kim Hetherington
Massey Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Massey Family Cemetery

Thomas Washington Moore Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Nelson Family Cemetery

Bill Megginson
Old Nelson Family Cemetery

Bill Megginson
Oak Grove Cemetery

Beverley Vincent Pierpoint
Old Quaker Cemetery

Bill Megginson
Parker-Peele-Edwards Cemetery

Penny Beasley
Peele-Davis-Morgan Cemetery

Bill Megginson
Squire-Coker Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Cornelius Stephenson Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Richard T. Stephenson Cemetery

W. J. Coker
Ben Sykes Cemetery

W. J. Coker
George Early Taylor Family Cemetery

Michael S. Taylor
Vann Cemetery

Gerald L. Byrd
Woodland Cemetery

Penny Beasley
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To submit a transcription or photos
Please visit the Instructions Page

Volunteer Needed to Coordinate
Georgia Tombstone Transcription Project

Please contact: Kathi Jones-Hudson

Please understand, we are unable to respond to queries about ancestors, cemeteries,
or do lookups! If a particular person or cemetery is not listed we have no additional information.

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