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ALL Cemetery surveys and photos for Tuscaloosa County, Alabama sent to the Tombstone Project are located in the Alabama GenWeb Archives.  

To see Cemetery Transcriptions or Tombstone Photos, click here.

These records are updated regularly, so check back often.



The following cemeteries have been adopted and are being surveyed:

Freeman Cemetery

Survey being done by:

Michelle Hansford

Find a Grave Find a Grave
The Political Graveyard The Political Graveyard
Most of he following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Tuscaloosa County. Others are from personal knowledge of our submitters. Currently, there are no transcriptions available for these cemeteries. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Tuscaloosa County
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
  • Alberta Cemetery
  • Andrews Chapel Cemetery
  • Antioch Cemetery
  • Arbor Springs Cemetery
  • Backbone Cemetery
  • Bankston Cemetery #1, Cottondale
  • Bankston Cemetery #2, Cottondale
  • Beale Cemetery
  • Beautiful Zion Cemetery
  • Bethabara Cemetery
  • Bethany Cemetery
  • Bethel Cemetery, Lake Tuscaloosa South
  • Bethel Cemetery, Ralph
  • Beulah Cemetery
  • Big Creek Cemetery
  • Big Hurricane Cemetery
  • Big Sandy Cemetery #1, Englewood
  • Big Sandy Cemetery #2, Englewood
  • Bone Camp Cemetery, Northport
  • Boone Cemetery
  • Bucksville Cemetery
  • Bryant Cemetery
  • Caledonia Cemetery
  • Camp Ground Cemetery 
  • Carolls Creek Cemetery
  • Cedar Oak Cemetery
  • Center Cemetery, Englewood
  • Center Cemetery, Lake Nicol
  • Chambers Cemetery
  • Chapel Hill Cemetery
  • Christian Union Cemetery
  • Coker Cemetery
  • Cooper Cemetery
  • Corinth Cemetery
  • Cornelius Chapel Number 1 Cemetery, Buhl Community, Coker Map
  • Cornelius Chapel Number 2 Cemetery, Buhl Community, Coker Map
  • Cottondale Nature Garden Cemetery
  • Cowden Cemetery
  • Cripple Creek Cemetery
  • Darden Cemetery
  • Davis Creek Cemetery
  • Dawson Cemetery
  • Dennis Springer Cemetery
  • Dodd Cemetery
  • Dry Creek Cemetery
  • Duncanville Cemetery
  • Dunns Creek Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Cemetery
  • Edmondson Cemetery
  • El Bethel Cemetery
  • Enterprise Cemetery
  • Espy Cemetery
  • Evergreen Cemetery, Coaling
  • Evergreen Cemetery, Tuscaloosa
  • Fairview Cemetery
  • Foster Cemetery, Elrod
  • Foster Cemetery, Fosters
  • Friendship Cemetery, Brookwood
  • Friendship Cemetery, Englewood
  • Friendship Cemetery, Gin Creek
  • Garners Cemetery
  • Geer Cemetery
  • Gigal Cemetery
  • Gilliam Cemetery
  • Goodwater Cemetery
  • Greenwood Cemetery
  • Guy Cemetery #1, Lake Lurleen
  • Guy Cemetery #2, Lake Lurleen
  • Harkey Cemetery
  • Hawthorne Cemetery
  • Haygood Cemetery
  • Hendrix Cemetery, Gin Creek
  • Hendrix Cemetery, Lake Lurleen
  • Hephzibah Cemetery
  • Hickman Chapel Cemetery
  • Holly Springs Cemetery, Fosters
  • Holly Springs Cemetery, Lake Tuscaloosa North
  • Holt Cemetery
  • Hopewell Cemetery, Cottondale
  • Hopewell Cemetery, Woodstock
  • Hulls Cemetery
  • Jennings Chapel Cemetery
  • Jerusalem Cemetery
  • Johnson Cemetery
  • Jones-Townsend Cemetery
  • Kemp Cemetery
  • Liberty Cemetery, Abernant
  • Liberty Cemetery, Coker
  • Liberty Cemetery, Pearson
  • Liberty Hill Cemetery
  • Little Hurricane Cemetery
  • Little Sandy Cemetery
  • Lower Sulpher Springs Cemetery
  • Macedonia Cemetery, Lake Tuscaloosa South
  • Macedonia Cemetery, New Lexington
  • Mayfield Cemetery #1, Brownville
  • Mayfield Cemetery #2, Brownville
  • McGee Cemetery
  • McQuire Cemetery
  • Memory Hill Gardens
  • Moores Bridge Cemetery #1, Brownville
  • Moores Bridge Cemetery #2, Brownville
  • Mount Carmel Cemetery
  • Mount Gillard Cemetery
  • Mount Hebron Cemetery
  • Mount Herman Cemetery
  • Mount Nebo Cemetery
  • Mount Olive Cemetery, Duncanville
  • Mount Olive Cemetery, Lake Lurleen
  • Mount Sinai Cemetery
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Coaling
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Duncanville
  • Mount Zion Cemetery #1, Fosters
  • Mount Zion Cemetery #2, Fosters
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Gin Creek
  • Nazareth Cemetery
  • New Asia Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery
  • Oak Ridge Cemetery
  • Old Bethany Cemetery
  • Old Bethel Cemetery
  • Old Dunn Creek Cemetery
  • Old Liberty Cemetery
  • Old Prewitte Cemetery
  • Old Salem Cemetery
  • Old Warrior Cemetery, Whitson
  • Oregonia Cemetery
  • Parham Ridge Cemetery
  • Parker Cemetery
  • Pate Cemetery
  • Patton Cemetery
  • Philadelphia Cemetery
  • Phillips Chapel Cemetery
  • Pine Ridge Cemetery
  • Piney Grove Cemetery
  • Piney Wood Cemetery, Windham Springs
  • Piney Woods Cemetery, Lake Tuscaloosa
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Brownville
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Lake Nicol
  • Pole Bridge Cemetery
  • Pool Cemetery
  • Popular Spring Cemetery
  • Prewitt Cemetery
  • Prudes Creek Cemetery
  • Rices Hill Cemetery
  • Robertson Cemetery
  • Robertson Chapel Cemetery
  • Rock Springs Cemetery #1, Wiley
  • Rock Springs Cemetery #2, Wiley
  • Rogers Cemetery
  • Romulus Cemetery
  • Ruhama Cemetery
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Sand Springs Cemetery
  • Sandtown Cemetery
  • Sandy Creek Cemetery
  • Sardis Cemetery
  • Scales Cemetery
  • Sealy Cemetery
  • Shake Rag Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Shirley Cemetery
  • Shuttlesworth Cemetery
  • Simpson-Cain Cemetery
  • South Sandy Cemetery
  • Spencer Hill Cemetery
  • Spring Hill Cemetery, Brownville
  • Spring Hill Cemetery, Coker
  • Springer Cemetery
  • Stanley Cemetery
  • Sterling Cemetery
  • Stone Cemetery
  • Sulpher Springs Cemetery
  • Sunset Memorial Garden
  • Sylvan Cemetery
  • Tabernacle Cemetery
  • Taylor Cemetery
  • Taylorville Community Cemetery, Taylorville
  • The Old Cemetery
  • Thomas Chapel Cemetery
  • Traweek Cemetery
  • Tuscaloosa Memorial Park
  • Union Cemetery
  • Union Grove Cemetery
  • Utley Cemetery
  • Walton Cemetery
  • Ward Cemetery
  • Warrior Cemetery
  • Watkins Cemetery
  • Wells Cemetery
  • Wesley Chapel Cemetery
  • West Brookwood Cemetery
  • West Highland Memorial Cemetery
  • Whitson Place Cemetery
  • Wilburn Cemetery
  • Wiley Cemetery
  • Williamson Cemetery, New Lexington
  • Williamson Cemetery, Tuscaloosa
  • Willingham Cemetery
  • Winn Cemetery, Brownville
  • Winn Cemetery, Coker
  • Winters Cemetery, Gin Creek
  • Winters Cemetery, Lake Tuscaloosa North
  • Wommack Cemetery
  • Yellow creek Cemetery
  • Zion Hill Cemetery

To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Alabama cemetery, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submitting It.



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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it, submit a survey you have completed or to add your tombstone photos to the collection, please go to:

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page



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