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ALL Cemetery surveys and photos for Lawrence County, Alabama sent to the Tombstone Project are located in the USGenWeb Archives - Alabama. 

To see Cemetery Transcriptions and Tombstone Photos, click here.

These records are updated regularly, so check back often.



Beaver's Cemetery at Beaver's Cross Road near Hatton, has no tombstones due to farmer destruction. If anyone knows of a survey of this cemetery and can get permission to copy it from the original surveyer, please contact me or send the transcription to me. Thank you  
The following cemeteries have been adopted and arebeing surveyed:

Pine Torch, Wren

Survey being done by:

Carolyn Ferguson

Caddo Cemetery, Trinity Patty Ferreira

Mt. Springs Cemetery


Elmwood Cemetery
Fergason Cemetery
Gargas Cemetery
Charity Goodwin
The following are not in the Tombstone Project site but can be reached by clicking on them to reach their location:

Pine Torch Cemetery

Stella Pratt & Carolyn R. Ferguson

Find a Grave

Find a Grave

The Political Graveyard The Political Graveyard
The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Lawrence County. And there are more not listed. Currently, there are no transcriptions available for these cemeteries. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Lawrence County
  • Abernathy Cemetery
  • Alexander Cemetery #1, Oakville
  • Alexander Cemetery #2, Oakville
  • Almon Cemetery
  • Andrew Garth Memorial Cemetery
  • Arbor Cemetery
  • Asherbraner Cemetery
  • Ashford Cemetery #1, Courtland
  • Bain Cemetery
  • Baker Cemetery #1, Jones Crossroads
  • Baker Cemetery #2, Jones Crossroads
  • Barnes Cemetery
  • Berry Cemetery
  • Bogar Cemetery
  • Brickhouse Cemetery
  • Brides Hill Cemetery
  • Byars Cemetery
  • Cal Cemetery
  • Cave Spring Cemetery
  • Center Cemetery
  • Cheatham Cemetery, Grayson
  • Cheatham Cemetery, Moulton
  • Childers Cemetery
  • Clardy Cemetery, Caddo
  • Conner Cemetery
  • Cooper Cemetery, Oakville
  • Cooper Cemetery, Danville
  • Cottingham Cemetery
  • Cramer Cemetery
  • Davenport Cemetery
  • Davis Cemetery #1, Hillsboro
  • Davis Cemetery #2, Hillsboro
  • Dement Cemetery
  • Dobbins Cemetery
  • Dossey Cemetery
  • Early Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Cemetery
  • Elliott Cemetery, Jones Crossroads
  • Elliott Cemetery, Hillsboro
  • Foster Cemetery
  • Friendship Cemetery
  • Fuller Cemetery
  • Fuqua Cemetery
  • Garth Cemetery
  • Gibson Cemetery, Rogersville
  • Gibson Cemetery, Moulton
  • Gibson Cemetery #1, Oakville
  • Gibson Cemetery #2, Oakville
  • Gilchrist Cemetery
  • Gordon Cemetery
  • Graves Cemetery
  • Gum Pond Cemetery
  • Hacklin Cemetery
  • Hampton Cemetery, Courtland
  • Hampton Cemetery, Oakville
  • Hawkins Cemetery
  • Heflin Cemetery
  • Hill Cemetery, Trinity
  • Hill Cemetery, Town Creek
  • Hill Cemetery, Oakville
  • Hodges Cemetery
  • Houston Cemetery
  • Hughes Cemetery
  • Jetton Cemetery
  • Jobe Cemetery
  • John Bunyan Hill Cemetery
  • Johnson Cemetery
  • Jones Cemetery
  • Kelly Cemetery
  • Keys Cemetery
  • Kitchens Cemetery
  • Landersville Cemetery
  • Lansdell Cemetery
  • Lebanon Cemetery
  • Lee Cemetery
  • Lindsey Cemetery
  • Long Cemetery
  • Love Cemetery
  • Lyle Cemetery
  • Macedonia Cemetery
  • Mathews Cemetery
  • Mayes Cemetery
  • McDonald Cemetery
  • McLemore Cemetery
  • Milam Cemetery
  • Miller Cemetery
  • Moody Cemetery
  • Morris Chapel Cemetery
  • Moulton Municipal Cemetery
  • Mount Olive Cemetery
  • Newman Cemetery
  • Old Friendship Cemetery
  • Old Prospect Cemetery
  • Owens Cemetery #1, Courtland
  • Owens Cemetery #2, Courtland
  • Paff Cemetery
  • Penny Cemetery
  • Perkins Cemetery
  • Pippen Cemetery
  • Pointer Cemetery
  • Poplar Springs Cemetery
  • Porter Cemetery
  • Preuit Cemetery
  • Rainwater Cemetery
  • Red Hill Cemetery
  • Reynolds Cemetery
  • Rocky Hill Cemetery
  • Rutherford Cemetery, Hatton
  • Rutherford Cemetery, Cairo
  • Scruggs Cemetery
  • Sheffield Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Simms Cemetery, Upshaw
  • Simms Cemetery, Oakville
  • Smith Cemetery, Landersville
  • Smith Cemetery #1, Upshaw
  • Smith Cemetery #2, Upshaw
  • Spring Hill Cemetery
  • Stephenson Cemetery
  • Stover Cemetery, Danville
  • String Cemetery
  • Swoope Cemetery #1, Hillsboro
  • Swoope Cemetery #2, Hillsboro
  • Sykes Cemetery #1, Courtland
  • Sykes Cemetery #2, Courtland
  • Sykes Cemetery #3, Courtland
  • Tapsville Cemetery
  • Templeton Cemetery
  • Thompson Cemetery
  • Thrasher Cemetery
  • Town Creek Cemetery
  • Trotter Cemetery
  • Troupe Cemetery
  • Truitt Cemetery
  • Tweedy Cemetery
  • Vaughn Cemetery
  • Warren Cemetery, Wheeler Dam
  • Warren Cemetery
  • Watson Cemetery
  • Wear Cemetery
  • Westmoreland Cemetery
  • Wheeler Cemetery
  • Woodland Cemetery
  • Yates Cemetery

To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Alabama cemetery, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submittiing It.



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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it, submit a survey you have completed or to add your tombstone photos to the collection, please go to:

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page



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