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ALL Cemetery records for Greene County, Alabama that are sent into the Tombstone Proect are located in the Alabama GenWeb Archives which can be found by
clicking here. These records are updated regularly, so check back often.

The following cemetery has been adopted and is being surveyed:

Old Cameron Cemetery, West Greene

Survey being done by:

Bill Cameron

The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Greene County. And there are more not listed. Currently, there are no transcriptions available for these cemeteries. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Greene County
  • Alexander Cemetery
  • Arington Cemetery
  • Barnes Rancher Cemetery
  • Bethlehem Cemetery, Eutaw
  • Bethlehem Cemetery, Forkland
  • Bethselem Cemetery
  • Beulah Cemetery, Eutaw
  • Beulah Cemetery, Ralph
  • Bird Cemetery
  • Birdine Cemetery
  • Blocker Hill Cemetery
  • Boatright Cemetery
  • Boligee Cemetery
  • Bowers Cemetery
  • Brasfield Cemetery
  • Brickyard Cemetery
  • Brown Cemetery
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • Coleman Cemetery
  • Collins Cemetery
  • Cook Cemetery, Boligee
  • Cooks Cemetery, Boligee
  • Cooks Cemetery, Forkland
  • Craig Cemetery
  • Crawford Cemetery
  • Creehill Cemetery
  • Dallas Cemetery #1, Epes East
  • Dallas Cemetery #2, Epes East
  • DeVelle Cemetery
  • Demount Cemetery
  • Eatman Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge
  • Eatman Cemetery, West Greene
  • Ebenezer Cemetery, Mason Bend
  • Ebenezer Cemetery, Union
  • Ellis Cemetery
  • Friendship Cemetery
  • Gotes Cemetery
  • Greenon Cemetery
  • Grove Cemetery
  • Hard Bargain Cemetery
  • Harris Cemetery
  • Havana Cemetery
  • Hebron Cemetery
  • Henderson Cemetery
  • Hick Cemetery
  • Hill Cemetery, Boligee
  • Hill Cemetery, Warshw
  • Hogley Wood Cemetery
  • Hopewell Cemetery
  • Horton Cemetery #1, West Greene
  • Horton Cemetery #2, West Greene
  • Hughes Cemetery
  • Hutton Cemetery
  • Johnson Hill Cemetery
  • Jones Cemetery
  • Kirksey Cemetery, Boligee
  • Kirksey Cemetery, Forkland
  • Knosville Cemetery
  • Littion Zion Cemetery
  • Logan Cemetery
  • Longer Cemetery
  • Macedonia Cemetery
  • Manatua Cemetery
  • McGiffert Cemetery
  • Mesopotamia Cemetery
  • Mobley Cemetery
  • Morgan Cemetery
  • Morning Star Cemetery, Boligee
  • Morning Star Cemetery, Forkland
  • Mount Bethel Cemetery
  • Mount Hebron Cemetery
  • Mount Pilgrim Cemetery
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery #1, Knoxville
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery #2, Knoxville
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, Biligee
  • Mount Zion Cemetery #1, Epes East
  • Mount Zion Cemetery, #2, Epes East
  • Mount Zoar Cemetery
  • Neal Cemetery
  • New Bethany Cemetery
  • New Christian Cemetery
  • New Evening Star Cemetery
  • New Green Oak Cemetery
  • New Light Cemetery
  • Nott Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery
  • Old Green Oak Cemetery
  • Old Salem Cemetery
  • Old Shiloh Cemetery
  • Owens Cemetery
  • Pine Grove Cemetery
  • Pippen Lawn Cemetery
  • Pippen Place Cemetery
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery
  • Pleasant Ridge Church Cemetery
  • Pleasant Valley Cemetery
  • Pyle Cemetery
  • Roden Cemetery
  • Saint John Cemetery, Forkland
  • Saint Johns Cemetery, West Greene
  • Saint Luke Cemetery #1, Epes East
  • Saint Luke Cemetery #2, Epes East
  • Saint Marys Cemetery
  • Saint Matthew Cemetery, Brewersville
  • Saint Matthew Cemetery, Forkland
  • Saint Paul Cemetery, Boligee
  • Saint Paul Cemetery, Knoxville
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Sardis Cemetery
  • Screptah Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery
  • Sixteenth Section Cemetery
  • Smiths Cemetery
  • Speed Quarters Cemetery
  • Spencer Cemetery, Union
  • Spencer Cemetery, West Greene
  • Spencers Cemetery, Knoxville
  • Springhill Cemetery
  • Star of Bethlehem Cemetery
  • Taylor Cemetery
  • Tucker Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
  • Union Christian Church Cemetery
  • Walker Cemetery
  • Walton Cemetery
  • White Cemetery
  • Williams Cemetery
  • Wills Cemetery
  • Zion Friendship Cemetery
  • Zion Hill Cemetery

To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Alabama cemetery, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submitting It.



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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it, submit a survey you have completed or to add your tombstone photos to the collection, please go to:

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page



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