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ALL cemetery records for Fayette County, Alabama that are sent into the Tombstone Proect are located in the Alabama GenWeb Archives which can be found by
clicking here. These records are updated regularly, so check back often.

The following cemeteries have been adopted and are being surveyed:
Stewart Cemetery
Jimmie Stewart

El Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Flattop or Watkins Cemetery

Dale Watkins

The following cemetery is not listed in the Tombstone Project but is on another site:
Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Barbara Carruth

The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Fayette County. And there are more not listed. Currently, there are no transcriptions available for these cemeteries. Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Fayette County
  • Adams Cemetery
  • Alta Cemetery
  • Antioch Cemetery
  • Ashcraft Corner Cemetery
  • Ballard Cemetery
  • Bankhead Cemetery
  • Bankston Cemetery #1, Bankston
  • Bandston Cemetery #2, Bankston
  • Beaven Cemetery
  • Berea Cemetery
  • Berry City Cemetery
  • Berry Hill Cemetery
  • Bethabara Cemetery
  • Bethel Cemetery, Bankston
  • Betherl Cemetery, Winfield SE
  • Bethlehem Cemetery
  • Boley Springs Cemetery
  • Box Cemetery
  • Brotherton Cemetery
  • Brown Cemetery, Glen Allen
  • Brown Cemetery, Kennedy
  • Caines Ridge Cemetery
  • Cedar Creek Cemetery
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • Chapel Hill Cemetery
  • Cleveland Cemetery
  • Colvin Cemetery
  • Concord Cemetery
  • County Line Cemetery
  • Crossroads Cemetery
  • Davis Chapel Cemetery
  • Dobbs Cemetery
  • Dykes Cemetery
  • Earnest Cemetery
  • El Bethel Cemetery
  • Elam Cemetery
  • Elm Grove Cemetery
  • Enis Cemetery
  • Fayette City Cemetery
  • Flatwoods Cemetery
  • Fowler Cemetery
  • Gibson Hill Cemetery
  • Gilpin Cemetery
  • Glenn Allen Cemetery
  • Glover Cemetery
  • Gravlee Cemetery
  • Harmony Grove Cemetery
  • Harper Cemetery
  • Harris Cemetery
  • Hillcrest Cemetery
  • Hodge Chapel Cemetery
  • Hodges Cemetery
  • Hilliman Cemetery
  • Hopewell Cemetery, Glen Allen
  • Hopewell Cemetery, New Lexington
  • Hopewell Cemetery, Winfield SE
  • Housh Chapel Cemetery
  • Jenkins Cemetery
  • Johnson Cemetery
  • Johnson School House Cemetery
  • Logan Cemetery
  • Macedonia Cemetery
  • Madison Cemetery
  • Mallory Cemetery
  • Mayfield Cemetery
  • McCollum Cemetery
  • Melton Cemetery
  • Moore Cemetery
  • Morris Cemetery
  • Moss Cemetery
  • Mount Lebanan Cemetery, Belk
  • Mount Lebanan Cemetery, Bluff
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery
  • Mount Vernon Cemetery
  • New Cannan Cemetery
  • New Chapel Cemetery
  • New Friendship Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • New Liberty Cemetery
  • New Prospect Cemetery
  • New River Cemetery #1, Hubertville
  • New River Cemetery #2, Hubertville
  • New River Cemetery #3, Hubertville
  • New River Cemetery #4, Hubertville
  • New Salem Cemetery
  • New Wesley Chapel Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery
  • Oak Ridge Cemetery
  • Oakwood Cemetery
  • Old Canaan Cemetery
  • Old Shepherd Cemetery
  • Owens Cemetery
  • Palestine Cemetery
  • Panter Cemetery #1. Berry
  • Panter Cemetery #2, Berry
  • Patterson Cemetery
  • Philadelphia Cemetery
  • Phillips Cemetery, Howard
  • Phillips Cemetery, Hubertville
  • Phillips Memorial Cemetery
  • Pilgrim Rest Cemetery
  • Piney Grove Cemetery, Bankston
  • Piney Grove Cemetery, Glen Allen
  • Pisgah Cemetery
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bankston
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Fayette
  • Porter Cemetery
  • Powell Cemetery
  • Rehobeth Cemetery
  • Rice Cemetery
  • Rocky Mount Cemetery
  • Salem Cemetery
  • Sand Springs Cemetery
  • Sanders Cemetery
  • Shady Grove Cemetery, Bluff
  • Shady Grove Cemetery, New Lexington
  • Shady Grove Cemetery, Newtonville
  • Sheperd Cemetery
  • Shirley Cemetery
  • Siloam Cemetery
  • Simmons Cemetery
  • South Cemetery
  • Spring Hill Cemetery
  • Sprinkle Cemetery
  • Summers Cemetery
  • Tabernacle Cemetery
  • Thornton Cemetery
  • Tidwell Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
  • Union Grove Cemetery
  • Unity Grove Cemetery
  • Vick and Kelley Cemetery
  • Wesley's Chapel Cemetery
  • White Springs Cemetery
  • Whitley Cemetery
  • Whitson Cemetery
  • Willingham Cemetery
  • Wilson Cemetery
  • Woods Cemetery
  • Wright Cemetery
  • Zion Cemetery, Bankston
  • Zion Cemetery, Fayette
  • Zion Chapel Cemetery

To volunteer to transcribe (walk and record) an Alabama cemetery, please go to The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submittiing It.



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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it, submit a survey you have completed or to add your tombstone photos to the collection, please go to:

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Alabama Submission and Contacts page



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