This is a list of cemeteries in Fairfax County which are not yet available on the site. It is extracted from the book Cemeteries of Fairfax County, Virginia by Brian Conley. This valuable book is subtitled "A report to the Board of Supervisors" and was published in 1994. It is available at the "Virginia Room" at the Central Library in Fairfax City. It lists over 350 cemeteries, some of which no longer exist.

Family Cemeteries:
Hunter beside 1010 Lynn St., SW, Vienna 3 names
Peake 200 yds W of MLK Jr park swimming pool, 815 Fordson Rd, Alexandria 9 names
Williams 8329 Wolf Trap Rd., Vienna 18 names
Robinson/Pearson/Hicks E of Haney Ln., behind Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School, 8100 Wolftrap Rd., Dunn Loring 7 names
Reid Turner-Fairbanks Highway Research Station, 6300 Old Georgetown Pike, McLean 11 names
Day 9900 Browns Mill Rd., Vienna 17 names
Brown's Memorial 10416 Leesburg Pike, Great Falls, VA 32 names
Moore/Hunter in front of 1001 Tapawingo Rd. SW, Vienna 2 names
Broadwater S/W corner of Tapawingo Rd. & Frederick St. SW, Vienna VA 3 names
Thompson E side of Lee Hgwy, 100ft N or Nutley St, Fairfax 2 names
Fairfax/Maley/Woodruff/Jett 11313 Hunting Horse Dr., Fairfax Station 4 names
Burke 6204 Kerseyt Ct., Burke 2 names
Sangster 11200 Chapel Rd., Fairfax Station 3 names
Kidwell/Willett 175ft SE of Counter Creek Rd X Village Sprint Ln, Vienna 3 names
Clark/Hunt 1913 Aubrey Pl, Vienna 12 names
Gooding/Seaton W side entrance to Little Rivewr United Church of Christ, 8410 Little River Turnpike, Annandale 18 names
Trumble 5700 Margaret Ln., Annandale 10 names (no dates)
Fairfax 5309 Richardson Dr, Fairfax 2 names
Fairfax 15500 Lakewood Lbn., Fairfax Station 1 name
Marshall 7148 Swift Run Trails, Fairfax Station 4 names
Fairfax/Buckley 20ft E and 550ft N of dend end of Wolf Run SHoals Rd, Fairfax, Fairfax Station 10 names
Lindsay/Gorham/Wrenn 7523 Idylwood Rd, Falls Church 12 names
Bicksler 352 Cantorwood Ls., Great Falls 3 names
Jenkins 10938 Leesburg Pike, Great Falls (E of barn and 500yds from Rte 7) 1 name
Turley/Hutchinson/Willcoxon S of Barnesfield Rd, 250yds W of Rte 657, Chantilly 2 names
Orrison midst of Permit Ct., Kingston Chase subdivision, Herndon 9 names
Iden 1205 Towlston Rd. McLean 3 names
Oliver/Thompson 1032 Towlston Rd, Great Falls 35 names
Davis/Thompson 12465 Wendall Holmes Rd, Herndon 6 names
Robinson end of Robinson Lane, .675M S of Rte 29/211, Centreville 32 names
Beach 10105 Community Ln, Fairfax Station 6 names
Parker Hope Park Rd., 2/3M S of Braddock Rd, Fairfax 13 names
Beach Braddock Rd, opposite Rd Fox Dr., Burke 1
Kidwell/Robertson 100ft E of McKenzie Ave., 200ft S of Rte. 29-211, Fairfax 13 names
Fairfax just N of Belvooir Mansion ruins on Fairfax Dr, Ft. Belvoir 4 names
Ratcliffe wooded hil between Moore and Olive Streets, 400ft W of Railroad Ave, Fairfax 1 name
Carter 1737 Key West Ln, Vienna 1 name
Cross/Wrenn between 13406 and 13412 Point Pleasant Dr. Chantilly 9 names
Makely 12220 Colchester Hunt Dr, Fairfax 8 names
Trammell beside 2118 Galloping Way, Vienna 1 name
Thompson N side of Thompson Rd, 200yds W of West Ox Rd, Fairfax 3 names
Kincheloe 78212 Kincheloe Rd, Clifton 12 names
Terrett 6363 Lincolnia Rd, Alexandria 1 name
Fox 11309 Full Cry Ct. Oakton 4 names
Hutchison/Whaley beside 43419 General Kearney Ct, Centreville 6 names
Adams/Nelson/Sewell/Hirst 1445 Layman St., McLean 9 names
Adams/Watters/Wren beside 6444 Linway Terrace, McLean 1 name
Windsor 9417 Windsor Way, Burke ??
Stewart 4033 Dorforth Dr., Fairfax 4 names 
Martin 10239 Zion Dr., Fairfax 1 name
Marshall 20ft N Burke Rd, 200ft W of Silas Burke Park, Burke 2 names
Turberville/DeBell "Leeton", 4619 Walney Rd., Chantilly; 125ft S of house in an iron fence 17 names
Mayhugh/ Hampton/ Davis between 11349 & 11337 Henderson Rd., Fairfax Station 4 names
Cranford small hill 1500' E of 9621 Richmond Hgwy, Lorton, in chainlink fence 8 name
Williams 8425 Electric Ave., Vienna 2 names
Stone 11035 Briarlynn Ct., Fairfax Station 2 names
Crosen 10932 Byrd Dr., Fairfax 1 name
Butler/ Jones 200ft N of deadend Caddington Rd, Centreville 2 names
Crouch 13511 Compton Rd., Clifton ??
Grimesley 7518 Chancellor Way, Springfield 3 names
Hosley 3921 Old Mill Rd., Alexandria, 20ft behind McLaughlin Farm UM Church 2 names
Arrundell/ Davis "Brimstone Hill", 6801 Ox Rd, Fairfax Station 8 names
Wrenn/ Hutchison 4508 Walney Rd. Chantilly, 150ft NE of the house, in split-rail fence 6 names
Scott on a rise at the W end of Conference Center Dr. oval, Centreville 9 names
-- 20yds W of Rt.1, 200yds N of bridge over Occoquan River, Lorton, in a chainlink fence 2 names
Breedon 11688 Fox Glen Dr., Oakton, woods 30ft N of house 1 name
Hampton 1190 Henderson Rd., Clifton, 100ft NE of house in wooden fence 5 names
-- 50ft S of Mt. Olive Rd, under powerlines 600ft W of Old Mill Rd, Centreville 1 name
Jackson "Jackswon House", 1157 Swinks Mill Rd, McLean, 100ft SE of house in wire fence 4 names
Jamesson "Mt. Gilead", 5634 Mt. Gilead Rd, Centreville 200ft NW of house in iron fence 6 names
Lindsay just outside fence on S side of Lorton Correctional facility, Lorton, 100ft N of"Laurel Hill" house 2 names
Wickliff 13220 Yates Ford Rd., Clifton, 200ft N of house 2 names
Iones 5943 Innisfail Rd. Far\irfax Station, in woods behind 2 names
Hughes 10400 Old Colchester Rd. Lorton, 30ft from rear of house 4 names
Jackson "Fouirstairs", 840 Leigh Mill Rd., Great Falls, 100ft S 2 names?
Simpson western edge of park at corner of Manor House Dr & Windmere Dr,m Fairfax Station 4 names
Sherman "Ash Grove", 8800 Ash Grove Ln, McLean 20yds NNW of brick kitchen 4 names
Willcoxon/ Farr "Blenheim", 3610 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, 50yds NE of house 5 names
Davis 11491 Robert Stephens Dr, Fairfax Station, in woods at SE corner 1 name
Fairfax/ Lacy 8117 Crestridge Dr. Fairfax, 100ft SE of house 6 names
Sherman 17091 Briar Ridge Rd., McLean, headstone facing the street 1 name
Adhford/ Davis 8606 Ox Rd, Lorton 100ft SE of house 6 names
-- 1700ft WSW of deadend of Union Mill Rd, Clifton ??
Fahnline 6124 Florence Ln, Alexandria, 180ft SE of house 3 names
Carter 600ft ENE of Cartersville Baptistr Church, intersection of HunterMill Rd & Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston 1 name
Garner Fountainhead Regional Park, 400ft SW of unimproved deadend of September Ln, Fairfax Station 5 names
Brown's Chapel 1314 Hunter Mill Rd, Reston
Great Falls UM Church 10100 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls
Vale UM Church 11528 Vale Rd, Oakton
First Baptist Church Chesterbrook 1740 Kirby Rd, McLean
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church 6477 Lincolnia Rd, Alexandria
Wakefield Chapel 8415 Toll House Rd., Annandale
Lewinsville Presbyterian Cemetery 1724 Chain Bridge Rd. McLean
Oakton Church of the Brethren 10025 Courthouse Rd, Vienna 
adjacent to Flint Hill Cemetery
Dranesville U.M Church 11720 Sugarland Rd., Herndon
Smith's Chapel UM Church 11321 Beach Mill Rd. Great Falls
Arnon Chapel 646 Walker Rd.
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church 8641 Lewisnville Rd, Great Falls
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 13614 Coppermine rd., Herndon
Oakton Baptist Church 14101 Lee-Jackson Highway, Chantilly
St. John's Episcopal Church 5649 Mt. Gilead Rd., Centreville
Second Baptist Church of Falls Church 6626 Costner Dr, Falls Church
Woodlawn Friends Mtg House intersection of Woodlawn Rd. 
and Richmond Highway, Ft. Belvoir
Pohick Episcopal Church 9301 Richmond Hwy
Falls Church Episcopal Church 115 E Fairfax Rd, Falls Church
Chantilly Baptist Church 14312 Lee-Jackson Hwy, Chantilly
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church access via East of 1450 Powell's Tavern Pl, Herndon
Silverbrook UM Church 8620 Silverbrook Rd, Lorton
Cartersville Baptist Church 1727 Hunter Mill Rd, Vienna
Little Bethel Baptist Church  South of Pinn Community Center, 10255 Zion Dr, Fairfax
St. James Catholic Church corner of Fowler St. and West St, Falls Church
Shiloh Baptist Church 1331 Spring Hill rd, McLean 1/4 mile East 
another is 1/4 mile West
Mt Vernon Unit. Church 1909 Windmill Ln, Alexandria
St Mark's Catholic Church 9970 Vale Rd, Vienna
Merrifield 8104 Lee Highway
Jermantown South side of Rt 50, 1/4 mile W of Rt 29/211
Flint Hill 2845 Chain Bridge Rd, Vienna
West End East side of Lewis St, Vienna
Cub Run Memorial end of Naylor Rd, Centreville
Clifton Union 7348 Clifton Rd, Clifton
Sons and Daughters of Liberty S side of Orchard Rd, Vienna 
50ft form where Vale Rd becomes Malcolm Rd
Fairfax City S side of Main St, 100yds E of Page Ave Connector, Fairfax
Chestnut Grove 507 Florida Ave, Herndon
Sons and Daughters of Liberty 300ft S of parking lot at 
Pine Ridge Park, Woodburn Rd, Annandale
Coleman 1900 Collingwood Rd, Alexandria