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Gonzales County
Cemetery Photographs on findagrave.com

submitted by Amanda Canion




      Anyone highlighted in red is in the cemetery but not on the records posted on the county site

    JOHN ABNER BARTLETT   Born:01/23/1887 Died:10/11/1918
    WESLEY T. BUNDICK Born:11/10/1867 Died:09/28/1941 Double Headstone with J.W.B.
    JOHNNIE W. BUNDICK Born:05/12/1875 Died:06/16/1948 Double Headstone with W.T.B.
    M.P. BUNDICK Born:10/18/1837 Died:02/13/1912 "Beloved thou wert, admired wherever  known"  Masonic symbol on tombstone.
    ELLEN BUNDICK Born:01/26/1843 Died:03/01/1937
    INFANT SON OF M.P. & ELLEN BUNDICK   Born&Died:04/03/1879
    UNO L. BUNDICK Born:03/18/1878 Died:04/03/1878
    S.R. BUNDICK Born:01/30/1881 Died:02/17/1938 "BROTHER" "Gone but not forgotten"
    ED J. BUNDICK  Born: 03/30/1857 Died:10/13/1926 Masonic symbol on tombstone
    CLEO BUNDICK Born: 11/18/1899 Died:04/18/1925 Double Headstone with Infant Bundick
    INFANT BUNDICK Born:09/07/1908 Died: 09/09/1908 Double Headstone with Cleo Bundick
    WILLIAM E. BUNDICK Born:09/26/1875 Died:02/19/1960 Double Headstone with C.A.B
    CATHERINE ANN BUNDICK Born:09/21/1878 Died 04/22/1951 Double Headstone with  W.E.B                                                       
    EULA MAE BUNDICK Born:1905 Died:1983
    GLOVER BUNDICK Born:10/16/1889 Died:01/06/1967 "Texas PVT. U.S. ARMY WORLD  WAR I"
    OTHO BUNDICK Born:08/18/1873 Died:06/12/1959 Triple Headstone with L.B &E.B.
    LILLIE BUNDICK Born:11/16/1877 Died:03/09/1969 Triple Headstone with O.B. & E.B
    ELOISE BUNDICK Born:09/16/1906 Died:02/09/1921 Triple Headstone with O.B &L.B.
    WILBUR BUNDICK CANION Born:12/24/1873 Died:01/13/1950 Double Headstone  with M.K.C.
    MAUD KITCHENS CANION  Born:09/06/1880 Died:08/14/1967 Double Headstone  with W.B.C.
    GEORGE WASHINGTON CANION Born:09/07/1841 Died:10/06/1930 "Co. A. 1st ALA   Inf. C.S.A." then
    "Death is only a shadow across the path to heaven"     Masonic symbol  on tombstone.
    FRANCIS BUNDICK CANION Born:09/12/1845 Died:04/27/1889 -Dove with leaves in mouth  on tombstone,
    "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"
    ROXIE DOWDA  Born:1863 Died:1956
    LONNIE CANION  Born:? Died:?
    OLA GREEN CANION Born:12/22/1887 Died:07/09/19?9 Canion family burial plot #32
    R.E.L. CANION Born:02/20/1888 Died:12/01/1965 Canion family burial plot #32
    DENYER BUNDICK CANION Born:11/01/1913 Died:11/07/1914 Canion family burial plot  #32  / Double Headstone with Glover      Canion
    GLOVER CANION Born:05/20/1923 Died:05/28/1923 Canion family burial plot #32.  Double Headstone with Denyer Bundick Canion
    DUDLEY ROY CANION Born:04/13/1905 Died:11/19/1976  Masonic symbol on tombstone.
    MARIETTA PENNELL CANION Born:12/13/1918 Died:12/04/1994  Order of the Eastern Star  symbol on tombstone.
    MARY FRANCIS PARKER CANION Born:12/06/1819 Died:08/14/1900 "To her we trust, 
     a place is given among the saints with Christ in heaven"
    WILLIAM GEO CANION Born:05/03/1879 Died:12/04/1941
    J.B. CANION Jr. Born:11/11/1919 Died:05/14/1941
    SIDNEY B. CANION Born:? Died:?
    LYDIA COPE CANION Born:1862 Died:1905
    JAMES W. CANION Born:1857 Died:1928
    JOHN T. DOWDA Born:1849 Died:1921 Double Headstone with F.I.D.
    FLORA I. DOWDA Born:1855 Died:1945 Double Headstone with J.T.D.
    GUSTAVE A. GUMPERT Born:06/24/1890 Died:08/18/1912  Woodman of the World Memorial Grave symbol on tombstone.
    VELMA JOHNSON Born:1897 Died:1975
    ROBERT NIXON PENNELL Born:09/09/1894 Died:04/18/1975
    CATHERINE BURKE PENNELL Born:06/25/1894 Died:12/10/1978
    M.W. PENNELL Born:12/18/1858 Died:10/28/1948 "Father" Double Heastone with M.E.P.
    MARY E. PENNELL Born:07/04/1864 Died:10/27/1937 "Mother" Double Headstone with   M.W.P.
    EMORY BURKE PENNELL Born:09/07/1920 Died:10/10/1935  Dove with leaves in mouth on tombstone.
    MARY F. CANION SMITH Born:03/05/1884 Died:05/01/1941
    HORACE SMITH Born:12/03/1882 Died:04/03/1988?
    H. WALLIS Born:08/20/1853 Died:12/30/1918 "He died as he lived, a Christian" also Woodman of the World Memorial Grave symbol on tombstone
    JAMES M. WHEAT Born:10/18/1838 Died:02/03/1909 "There is a bright region above,   We long to reach it's shore, To join the dear ones we love, Not     lost, but gone before."                               Confederate flag etched on tombstone along with C.S.A.  Double Headstone with A.S.W.
    AMANDA S. WHEAT Born:12/15/1846 Died:11/06/1911 Double Headstone with J.M.W.


    ROBERT FRANKLIN ASHER Born:09/14/1945 Died:10/01/1968  Triple Headstone with  F.P.A &F.M.A!!!!  Although it does not say as much on his headstone I thought I would add   a              few facts about Robert.  He died fighting in Vietnam /He was a SGT E5 ARMY-Selective Service 198th Light Infantry Brigade/ His length of service was 1year.  His tour began on  Feb                21, 1968 and ended in his death on Oct 1st, 1968/ In   Quang Tin, South Vietnam. Hishelicopter was shot down and is stated as "Hostile, Helicopter, Noncrew air loss,                      cras    on land and that his body was recovered"  He can be found on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial   Panel 42W- Line 52.                                                                                                                                  
    FLOY PARKER ASHER Born:02/28/1913 Died:01/20/1996  Triple Headstone with R.F.A &   F.M.A.
    FRANK MILLER ASHER Born:10/28/1909 Died:04/14/1983 Triple Headstone with R.F.A &    F.P.A
    ROSCOE BUNDICK Born:07/14/1897 Died: 05/02/1960 Double Headstone with M.B.
    MITTIE A. BUNDICK Born:12/04/1898 Died:02/15/1989 Double Headstone with R.B.
    JAP C. BUNDICK Born:12/02/1902 Died:12/19/1961 "In loving memory"
    OLGA M. BUNDICK Born:10/26/1905 Died:01/10/1994? or 3 "In loving memory"
    ALVIN M. BUNDICK Born:12/29/1917 Died:10/23/2007 Double Headstone with W.P.B.
    WILLEEN P. BUNDICK Born:10/12/1918 Died:11/26/1984 Double Headstone with A.M.B.
    ROSCOE "Buster" BUNDICK Jr. Born:07/31/1929 Died:07/09/1992
    W. OLIS BUNDICK Born:03/18/1905 Died:07/09/1977 Double Headstone with B.B.
    BEATRICE BUNDICK Born:12/09/1914 Died:11/16/1990
    JAMES BRAXTON BUNDICK Born:09/08/1925 Died:04/11/1989 "Our loving daddy"
    JIM BUNDICK Born:10/14/1900 Died:08/13/1984 Double Headstone with L.C.B.
    LULA COPELAND BUNDICK Born:01/21/1904 Died:03/12/2001 Double Headstone with J.M.
    BOBBY DEAN CANION Born:08/21/1943 Died:07/22/2003 "SP5 US ARMY VIETNAM"  /Buried in the Canion plot/
    BRANDON D. CANION Born:06/27/1976 Died:01/07/2000 /Buried in the Canion plot/
    KEVIN CANION Born & Died:01/07/1972 /Buried in the Canion plot/
    KEITH CANION Born & Died:01/07/1972 /Buried in the Canion plot/
    CECIL M. CANION Born:12/08/1902 Died:07/30/1965 /Buried in the Canion plot/
    ETTA A. CANION Born:06/17/1908 Died:07/18/1997 /Buried in the Canion plot/
    CECIL C. CANION Born:01/03/1931 Died:02/08/2006 "SGT US ARMY KOREA" /Buried in the Canion plot/
    MILTON H. BUNDICK Born:09/02/1862 Died:06/26/1947
    MARY E. BUNDICK Born:05/02/1867 Died:11/03/1956
    "Pete" HENRY OSCAR BUNDICK Born:08/24/1910 Died:01/17/1980 "Tech 5 US ARMY  WORLD WAR II" also "Married Wed June 1st 1940" Double Headstone with     E.E.R.B.
    EVA ELIZABETH RAYBORN BUNDICK Born:09/24/1912 Died:03/15/2007 Double  Headstone with H.O.B.
    LOU ELLEN BUNDICK Born:11/16/1898 Died:05/24/1944 "Sister"
    HENRY BUNDICK Born:05/22/1865 Died:07/28/1939 "At rest"
    MINNIE BUNDICK Born:08/28/1875 Died:10/08/1954 "At rest"
    INFANT DAUGHTER OF HENRY AND MINNIE BUNDICK Born:01/30/1915 Died:01/30/1915    Double Headstone with Infant son
    INFANT SON OF HENRY AND MINNIE BUNDICK Born:06/23/1917 Died:06/23/1917   Double Headstone with Infant daughter
    ROSALIE BUNDICK Born:04/12/1920 Died:06/28/2002
    NATHAN E. BUNDICK Born:07/06/1928 Died:03/16/1965 "Gone but not forgotten"
    J.W. BUNDICK Born:08/05/1889 Died:11/18/1970 Double Headstone with M.B.
    MARY BUNDICK Born:05/21/1893 Died:03/28/1986 Double Headstone with J.W.B.
    ALEX J. BUNDICK Born:02/20/1883 Died:02/13/1955 Double Headstone with A.M.B.
    AMELIA MAE BUNDICK Born:09/18/1880 Died:06/12/1964 Double Headstone with A.J.B.
    ATHEL BOONE BUNDICK Born:03/10/1902 Died:03/16/1970 "Married Feb 5th 1932" Masonic symbol on tombstone, Double Headstone with M.R.B.
    MAYME RHODES BUNDICK Born:06/06/1911 Died:08/12/1994 Double Headstone with  A.B.B.
    BILLY BOB BUNDICK Born:10/28/1935 Died:03/12/1989 "Beloved Son"
    OLIN H. PACE Born:06/10/1887 Died:01/20/1912 "Thou are gone dear one, but not  forgotten"  Woodman of the World Memorial Grave symbol on tombstone.


    FRANK B. TALLEY Born:12/16/1883 Died:04/11/1909 "Kind angels watch the sleeping  dust, Till Jesus comes to raise the just, Then may he wake in sweet surprise, And in his saviors                    image rise"  Woodman of the World Memorial Grave symbol on tombstone.
    MARY ANN LAWS BUNDICK Born:03/29/1806 Died:06/17/1869 "Wife of Wm Bundick"   "In memory of" also,  Tree on tombstone
    WILLIAM M. BUNDICK Born:04/11/1806 Died:07/29/1879 Masonic symbol on tombstone.
    ARCHIBALD THOMAS COHEA   !!!!!!!Although Archibald's body is not buried here, his  family has placed a beautiful marker that states "In memory of"       "Co. F, 4th Texas               Reg.,   Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA,  Born:1822     Robertson County, Tennessee,  Son of  George and Elizabeth Benton Cohea, Died:May 7,1864 from      wounds received at the Battle of  The Wilderness, Virginia.  Buried in a mass grave near The Wilderness, Virginia.   Placed by the decendants of     Archibald and Nancy  Caraway Coher-Oct, 2003"   Confederate War Veteran symbol.

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