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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Bennett Cemetery
Lynell Bennett Moss & Family
Robert Bennett
Big A Cemetery
Billy Hennig
Big Springs Cemetery
Craig J. Zimmerman
Blewett Cemetery

Bill & Kay St. John
Caruth Pioneer Cemetery

Lori Inbody
Abraham Carver Cemetery

Kathy Duncan
Confederate Cemetery

Randall Howald
Cottonwood Cemetery
South of Wylie

Jim Foster
Cumby-Webster-Bailey Cemetery
aka Jones-Bailey Cemetery

Barbara Ware
Allen B. Rodgers
Crown Hill Memorial Park
Partial Transcription
Robert Bennett
Douglas McCrum
Dallas-Ft. Worth National Cemetery
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Extracted from Dept. of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Database, 2006
Daniel Cemetery
University Park

Gloria B. Mayfield
Edgewood Cemetery
K. Bradley-Adams
Farmers Branch-Keenan Cemetery

Sue Bucy
Fields Cemetery

Cecil Morgan
Five Mile Cemetery
Transcription #1 | Transcription #2

Karen Goodchild
Teresa Highland
Forest Lawn Cemetery
Partial Transcription
Kathleen Jenson
Frost Cemetery

Kathy Duncan
Fuget Cemetery
Dallas Naval Air Station

Janie Richards
Garland Memorial Cemetery | Dallas
Transcription | Masonic Section

Avery Koch
B.S.A. Eagle Scout Troop 57
Garvin Memorial Cemetery

Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Greenwood Cemetery
Jack Ware
Grove Hill Memorial Park
Various Transcribers
Haley Memorial Cemetery

Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Harrington Cemetery

Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Hillcrest Memorial Park
Partial Transcription
Various Transcribers
Horton Family Cemetery
Arcadia Park

Susanna Clark-Smith
Jordan Hight Cemetery

Carroll J. Ross
Kit Cemetery
Anthony Potts
Laudermilk Cemetery

Sydney Long
Laurel Land Cemetery
Various Transcribers
Laurel Oaks Cemetery
Various Transcribers
Little Bethel Cemetery
Shirley Wassom
Long Creek Cemetery
Transcription | Veteran Burials
Various Transcribers
Marsh Cemetery

Kerry S. Tribble
Merrell Cemetery
Anson Young
Lea Ann Anderson Tedford
Mesquite Cemetery
Index | Transcription #1 | Transcription #2
Various Transcribers
Mills Cemetery
Various Transcribers
Motley Cemetery

Monetta Lockey
Mount Calvary Cemetery

Richard Wilcox
Oak Cliff Cemetery
Transcription #1 | Transcription #2
Transcription #3 | Historical Marker
Various Transcribers
Oakland Cemetery
Various Transcribers
Old Letot Cemetery
Transcription #1 | Transcription #2 | Transcription #3

Various Transcribers
Old Southland Cemetery
Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 | Section 4
Section 5 | Section 6 | Section 7 | Section 8

Janie Richards
Parrish Cemetery

Wanda Parrish Blair
Pioneer Girl
Pleasant Mound Cemetery
Robert Bennett
Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Jim Foster
Potter Cemetery

Jeanette Horn
Restland Memorial Park
Various Transcribers
Rhodes Cemetery

Rhonda Mangum Combs
Rowlett Cemetery

Shuzette A. Bailey
Rylie Cemetery
Partial Transcription
Various Transcribers
Sachse Cemetery
Charlie Vines
Sacred Heart Cemetery
Ollen Baker
Eagle Scout Project-Troop 1201
Billy Hennig
Shady Grove Cemetery

Sheila G. Stewart
Smith Cemetery
Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Kathy Chapman
Southland Memorial Park
Richard Tucker
Sowers Cemetery

Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Sparkman Hillcrest Cemetery
Partial Transcription
Annette Keen
Tompkins Family Cemetery

Steve & Susan Chance-Rainwater
Trinity Cemetery | Wilmer
Transcription #1 | Transcription #2
Various Transcribers
Vincent Cemetery

Rhonda Mangum Combs
Webb's Chapel Cemetery
Farmers Branch

Richard R. Wilcox
Western Heights Cemetery
aka Troth Cemetery | Dallas
Debbie J. Oswalt
White Rock Garden of Memories Cemetery

George Keaton, Jr.
Woodlawn Cemetery
Deborah Morgan
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