Henry Ford Cutrell spent much of the later part of his life walking through and transcribing tombstones from many of the cemeteries in Wilson County. His records contain over 30,000 names from these cemeteries. His  records are presently housed in the Lebanon Library. His daughter, Sue Cutrell Reynolds, has graciously donated copies of his records to the Wilson County Tombstone Project.

The TN Tombstone Project wishes to thank Mrs. Reynolds for her generousity. This page is dedicated to Mrs. Reynolds' father, Henry Ford Cutrell and his tremendous research.

Henry Ford Cutrell
June 7, 1923 - April 23, 1986

Sue Cutrell Reynolds


Please Note: Only those cemeteries that have active links are presently online.

A - M
Allcorn Cemetery

Alsup Cemetery

Alsup, (Buck) Cemetery

Bailey Cemetery

Baird Cemetery

Baird Cemetery

Baird Cemetery

Bandy-Nichols Cemetery

Barrett Cemetery

Barton's Creek Cemetery

Beadle Cemetery

Beadle Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Bellwood Church Cemetery

Bennett-Bass Cemetery

Bentley Cemetery

Bethany Cemetery

Bethany Cemetery Addendum
(added by Bruce Dreyer)

Bethel Baptist
at Dickerson Chapel Road

Bethesda Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery

Bettis-Mosley Cemetery

Black Cemetery?

Bradley Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Brown Cemetery

Bryan Cemetery

Burks Cemetery

Burton-Martin Cemetery

Calhoun Cemetery

Camper Cemetery

Caplenor Cemetery

Caraway Cemetery

Cartwright Cemetery

Castleman Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Names Reported to have been buried
in the Cedar Grove Cemetery by the
Lebanon Democrat

Chandler-Johns Cemetery

Chapman Cemetery

Clark Cemetery

Clay-Burford Cemetery

Clemmons-Grigg Cemetery

Clemmons (John) Cemetery

Collier Cemetery

Comer Cemetery

Commerce Cemetery

Conatser Cemetery

Corum-Bettis Cemetery

Corum-Johnson Cemetery

Craddock Cemetery

Cragwall Cemetery

Cunningham Cemetery

Dies Cemetery

Dillard Cemetery

Doak Cemetery

Donnell Cemetery

Dunaway Cemetery

Eagan Cemetery

Eatherly Cemetery

Eatherly-Atkinson Cemetery

Ebenezer Cemetery

Eddins Cemetery

Edwards Cemetery

Edwards, (Bee) Cemetery

Eskew Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fakes-Smith Cemetery

Fields Cemetery

Fields Cemetery

Fish Cemetery

Fite Cemetery

Fite Cemetery

Floyd Cemetery

Foley Cemetery

Forbes Cemetery

Foster Cemetery

Geers Cemetery

George Cemetery

Gill-Fisher Cemetery

Glenn Cemetery

Good Hope Methodist 
Church Cemetery

Goshen Cemetery

Graves Cemetery

Greenvale Cemetery

Greer Cemetery

Griffin Cemetery

Grimmett Cemetery

Gunn Cemetery

Gwynn Cemetery

Haley Cemetery

Hamlet-Harris Cemetery

Hancock Cemetery

Hankins Cemetery

Hankins Cemetery

Hankins-Johnson Cemetery

Haralson Cemetery

Harlan Cemetery

Harpole Cemetery

Hearn Cemetery

Hearn Hill Cemetery

Henderson Cemetery

Holt Cemetery

Huddleston Cemetery

Huddleston Cemetery

Hudson Cemetery

Hunt Cemetery

Hunter Cemetery

Hunter Cemetery

Hurricane Bapt. Church Cemetery

Jackson Cemetery

Jackson Cemetery

Jarman Cemetery

Jarrell Cemetery

Jenkins Cemetery

Jenkins Cemetery

Jennings Cemetery

Johnson-Tomlinson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Cemetery

Johnston-Forbis Cemetery

Jolley Cemetery

Jolley Cemetery

Jones Hill Cemetery

Jordan Cemetery

Kennedy Cemetery

King-Patterson Cemetery

Laguardo Cemetery

Lain Cemetery

Lawrence Cemetery

Lawrence-Waters Cemetery

Leevile Cemetery

Lester Cemetery

Ligon Cemetery

Link Cemetery

Lohman Cemetery

Mabry Cemetery

Major Cemetery

Major Cemetery

Major-Taylor Cemetery

Mann Cemetery

Marler Cemetery

Martin, (George) Cemetery

Martin-Holman Cemetery

Massey Cemetery

McDearman Cemetery

McFarland Cemetery

McSpadden Cemetery

Mitchell Cemetery

Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery

N - Z

Neal Cemetery

Neal Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Northern Cemetery

Odum Cemetery

Old Campground Cemetery

Old Cedar Creek Church Cemetery

"Old" New Hope Cumberland
Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Organ Cemetery

Organ-Watson Cemetery

Osment Cemetery

Palmer Cemetery

Palmer Cemetery

Patten Cemetery

Pemberton-Williams Cemetery

Perkins Cemetery

Peyton-Shearon Cemetery

Phillips Cemetery

Poplar Hill Cemetery

Porterfield Cemetery

Price Cemetery

Prosperity Cemetery

Ray-Macon Cemetery

Reed Cemetery

Remrant, (Mary Jane) Cemetery

Rice Cemetery

Robinson Cemetery

Rocky Valley Baptist 
Church Cemetery

Rose Cemetery

Rutland Cemetery

Rutledge-Buhler Cemetery

Sanders Cemetery

Seawell Cemetery

Seay Cemetery

Sellars, (Arnold) Cemetery

Shannon Cemetery

Shannon-Rowland Cemetery

Sherrill Cemetery

Short Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Addendum to Smith Cemetery
by Lori Bruce Sellers

Smith Cemetery

Smith Fork Bapt. Church Cemetery

Speck Cemetery

Stone-Calhoun Cemetery

Suddarth Cemetery

Sullivan Cemetery

Swaffer Cemetery

Swann Cemetery

Thompson Cemetery

Thompson Cemetery

Tomlinson Cemetery

Tomlinson Cemetery

Tompkins Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery

Truett-Fields Cemetery

Underwood Cemetery

Vance Cemetery

Vanhook Cemetery

Vaughan-Dies Cemetery

Vaughan Cemetery

Vaught-Grandstaff Cemetery

Vesta Cemetery

Walker Cemetery

Warren Cemetery

Waters Cemetery

Waters Cemetery

Waters Cemetery

Watkins Cemetery

Watson Cemetery

Weir Cemetery

White Cemetery

White Cemetery

White Cemetery

White (Doctor) Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

William, (Joseph) Cemetery

Wood Cemetery

Woolard Cemetery

Wray Cemetery

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