Anderson County Cemetery Records
By: Mary S. Harris | Published: 1989

Many thanks to Mrs. Harris for contributing her cemetery records
to the TN Tombstone Transcription Project
Allen Cemetery
Altum Cemetery
Andersonville Cemetery
Anderson Memorial Gardens
Arms Cemetery
Asslinger Cemetery

Baker Cemetery
Baker or McAdoo Cemetery
Barlow Cemetery
Batley Baptist Church Cemetery
Beech Grove Cemetery
Beech Grove, New  Cemetery
Beech Grove, Old Cemetery
Beets Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Black Oak Cemetery
Black-1 Cemetery
Black-2 Cemetery
Blowing Springs Church Cemetery
Braden Cemetery
Bradley Cemetery
Bradshaw Cemetery
Braytown Cemetery
Briceville Methodist Church Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Brown & Lowe Cemetery
Brummett Cemetery
Bryant-Landrum Cemetery
Bunch-1 Cemetery
Bunch-2 Cemetery
Burris Cemetery
Burress Cemetery
Burris or Gaylor Cemetery
Butler Cemetery

Carroll Cemetery
Amos Carroll Cemetery
Calvin Carroll Cemetery
Carter Cemetery
Cedar Hill Church Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Clear Cemetery
Clinch River Baptist Church Cemetery
County Farm Cemetery
Cox-1 Cemetery
Cox-2 Cemetery
Cox-3 Cemetery
Cox-4 Cemetery
Cross Cemetery
Crawford-Shannon Cemetery
Cumberland Mt. Baptist Church Cemetery

Dale Cemetery
Daugherty-1 Cemetery
Daugherty-2 Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Dew & Wade Cemetery
Dotson Cemetery
Duggans Cemetery
Duncan-1 Cemetery
Duncan-2 Cemetery
Duncan-3 Cemetery
Duncan-4 Cemetery
Dutch Valley United Methodist Church Cemetery

Edwards Cemetery
Elkins Cemetery
Emily  Cemetery
Evans-Leinart Cemetery

Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery
Farmer-1 Cemetery
Farmer-2 Cemetery
Farmers Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Fielden-1 Cemetery
Fielden-2  Cemetery
Foust-1 Cemetery
Foust-2 Cemetery
Foust-3 Cemetery
Foust-4 Cemetery
Free Community Baptist Church Cemetery
Frost (Frost Bottom) Cemetery

Galbreath-Jett Cemetery
Gamble Cemetery
Gibbs-1 Cemetery
Gibbs-2 Cemetery
Gilbreath Cemetery
Goans Cemetery
Goodman Cemetery
Gorman Cemetery
Graham Cemetery

 Grave Hill Church Cemetery
Graves Gap Baptist Church Cemetery
Gray Cemetery
Greenway Baptist Church Cemetery
Grills Cemetery
Grubbs Cemetery

Hackworth Cemetery
Hackworth Cemetery
Hamblen Cemetery
Hamblen-Parker Cemetery
Harness Cemetery
Hart Cemetery
Haven Chapel (Gadson) Cemetery
Hawkins Cemetery
Hendren Cemetery
Hendricks Cemetery
Hendrix (Raby) Cemetery
Henson Cemetery
Hill-1 Cemetery
Hill-2 Cemetery
Hill-3 Cemetery
Hill-York Cemetery
Hillvale Baptist Church Cemetery
Hooks Cemetery
Hoskins-1 Cemetery
Hoskins-2 Cemetery
Hoskins-3 Cemetery
Hoskins-4 Cemetery
Hoskins-5 Cemetery
Hoskins-6 Cemetery
Huckaby Cemetery
Humphrey Cemetery
Hutcheson Cemetery

Indian Bluff Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Indian Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Irwin Cemetery
lsland Ford Cemetery
Ivey Cemetery

Jackson Cemetery
Jarnigan Chapel Cemetery
Jennings Cemetery
Johnson-1 Cemetery
Johnson-2 Cemetery
Johnson-3  Cemetery
Jones-1 Cemetery
Jones-2 Cemetery

Kelly Cemetery
Key Cemetery
King-1 Cemetery
King-2  Cemetery
King-3 Cemetery
Kirby Cemetery

Lane Cemetery
Laurel Grove Cemetery
Lea Cemetery
Leach Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery
Little Community Baptist Church Cemetery
Lively-1 Cemetery
Lively-2 Cemetery
Long-1 Cemetery
Long-2 Cemetery
Longfield Cemetery
Longmire Cemetery
Lovely-1 Cemetery
Lovely-2 Cemetery
Lowe-1 Cemetery
Lowe-2 Cemetery

Mabry Cemetery
Maples Cemetery
Massengill Cemetery
McAdoo Cemetery
McGhee Cemetery
McKamey Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Mineral Spring Baptist Church Cemetery
Miners Circle Cemetery
Moore-1 Cemetery
Moore-2 Cemetery
Moore-3 Cemetery
Moran Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery
Mount Zion Church Cemetery
Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Moriah Cemetery
Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
Mt. Sinai Cemetery
Mt. Vernon Cemetery

New Home Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery
New Pilot Baptist Church Cemetery
No Name-1 Cemetery
No Name-2 Cemetery
No Name-3 Cemetery
No Name-4 Cemetery
No Name-5 Cemetery
No Name-6 Cemetery
No Name-7 Cemetery
No Name-8 Cemetery
No Name-9 Cemetery
No Name-10 Cemetery
No Name-l1 Cemetery
No Name-12 Cemetery
Norman-1 Cemetery
Norman-2 Cemetery
Norman-3 Cemetery
Norris Memorial Gardens

Oakgrove Cemetery
Oak Ridge Memorial Park
Offutt Cemetery
Old Andersonville Cemetery
Old Clinton Baptist 
Church Cemetery
Old Red Hill Baptist 
Church Cemetery
Old Zion Hill Cemetery
Overton Cemetery-1
Overton Cemetery-2
Overton Cemetery-3
Overton Cemetery-4
Overton-Foster Cemetery

Parker Cemetery
Nick Patterson Cemetery
Patterson-1 Cemetery
Patterson-2 Cemetery
Patterson-3 Cemetery
Patterson-4 Cemetery
Patterson-5 Cemetery
Patterson-6 Cemetery
Peak Cemetery
Peck Cemetery
Pemberton Cemetery
Peoples Cemetery
Boomer Jim Phillips Cemetery
James Phillips Cemetery
Link Philips Cemetery
Matt Phillips Cemetery
Tommy Phillips Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery #1
Phillips Cemetery #2
Pine Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant View Cemetery
Popular Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Pyle Cemetery

Ray Cemetery
Red Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Reeves-Daugherty Cemetery
Ridenour Cemetery
Riverview Cemetery Baptist
Church Cemetery
Robbins Cemetery
Roberts Cemetery
Robertsville Baptist Church Cemetery
Ross Cemetery
Russell Cemetery #1, #2

Sartin Cemetery
Scarbrough Cemetery AEC #65
Scarbrough Cemetery AEC #41
Scruggs Cemetery
Seeber Cemetery
Seiber Cemetery #1
Seiber Cemetery #2
Seivers Cemetery
Shinlever Cemetery #1
Shinlever Cemetery #2
Sinking Springs Methodist 
Church Cemetery
Slave Cemetery-1
Slave Cemetery-2
Smith Cemetery #1
Smith Cemetery #2
Smith Cemetery #3
Smith Cemetery #4
Snodderly Cemetery AEC #28
Spring Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
Stair Cemetery
Stocks Cemetery
Stringfield Cemetery
Sunset Cemetery

Talley Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery #1
Taylor Cemetery #2
Taylor Chapel Cemetery
Tennessee Valley Memorial Gardens
Tunnel-Hudson Cemetery AEC # 64
Tunnel Cemetery

Underwood Cemetery

Vandagriff Cemetery
Vandergriff Cemetery
Valley View Baptist Church Cemetery
Valley View Methodist Church Cemetery

Wallace Cemetery #1
Wallace Cemetery #2
Wallace Cemetery #3
Wallace Cemetery #4
Walters Cemetery #1
Walters Cemetery #2
Warwick Cemetery
Weaver Cemetery #1
Weaver Cemetery #2
Welsh Cemetery
White Cemetery
Wiley Cemetery
Williams Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery-1
Wilson Cemetery-2
Wolf Valley Baptist Church Cemetery
Woods Chapel Cemetery
Worthington Cemetery
Wright Cemetery

Yarnell Cemetery
York Cemetery
Young-Cummins Cemetery

Zion Baptist Church Cemetery
Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

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Please understand, we are unable to respond to queries about ancestors, cemeteries,
or do lookups! If a cemetery is not listed we have no further information on it.

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