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Aurora Cemetery
Niches portion
Section B (middle)
Section B (left)
New Section
Penny Stewart  No longer have a current E-mail address.
Bethany Cemetery 
Katie Baptiste: No longer have a current E-mail address.
Bethany Cemetery       Carolyn Hutton: No longer have a current E-mail address.
Butteville Cemetery
Deanna Warren. No longer have a current E-mail address.
Champoeg Cemetery
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Claggett Cemetery, Keizer  Pending
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Cloverdale Cemetery
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Eoff Cemetery
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Fairfield Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
Gervais Masonic Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
Howell Prairie Cemetery
Dawnell Hamilton
Hobson-Whitney Cemetery aka Sublimity Graveyard
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Lewis Cemetery
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Lone Oak Stayton Marion 1872

Miscellaneous Marion County Cemeteries
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Mt. Hope (Warren; Hunt Family; Waldo Hills) Cemetery (1987)
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Mt. View Cemetery (1987)
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Old St. Louis Cemetery
Penny Stewart
Old Colony (Keil Family) Cemetery, Aurora
Located on property owned by Aurora County Historical Society

Deanna Warren
Rocky Point/Anderson/Lone Fir Cemetery
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Stayton Pioneer/Grier/Campbell Cemetery
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
Silverton Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
Skunkville AKA Labish Center Cemetery Brooks, Ore
Katie Baptiste
St. Louis Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
St. Pauls Catholic Cemetery
Katie Baptiste
Terrell Cemetery
Daraleen Phillips Wade
Union Hill Cemetery (1987)
Daraleen Phillips Wade
We need transcription for the Cemeteries listed below.
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Abram Olinger McCleay Area Marion 1875
Anderson - See Lone Fir  Marion 
Apostolic  Marion
Aumsville, aka Butler Aumsville Marion 1869
Barlow Pioneer  Marion 1852
Beaver Creek, aka Lone Fir Beaver Creek Marion 
Belcrest Memorial Salem Marion 1927 
Belle Passi Woodburn Marion 1852 
Blougher Family Turner Marion  
Brook Pioneer - See Pioneer Memorial  Marion  
Butler - See Aumsville  Marion
Campbell Stayton Marion 1885 
Chemawa Keizer Marion 1885
City View Salem Marion 1893
Claggett Salem Marion 1841
Condit - See Pleasant Grove  Marion  
Cox, aka Sidney Station Ankeny Ankeny Marion 1849
Crooked Finger  Marion 1843
 Dickens, aka Patton Family Waldo Hills Area Marion 1878 
Emanuel - See Valley View  Marion
Essen Family Mt Angel Marion 1920 
Evans Valley - See Valley View  Marion  
Fairview Mill City Marion 1883 
Friends  Marion 1860 
Frohmader - See Halls Ferry  Marion  
Gibson  Marion 1850 
Glover Sublimity Marion 1878 
Green Mountain - See Mountain View  Marion  
Grier - See Stayton Pioneer  Marion  
Grim - See Hubbard  Marion  
Halls Ferry, aka Frohmader Halls Ferry Marion 1875 
Harding Family St Paul Marion 1866 
Hayesville Salem Marion 1858 
Hazelgreen - See Howell  Marion  
Herren DLC  Marion 
Holy Rosary Scotts Mills Marion 1917 
Hopewell Mennonite Hubbard Marion 1894 
Hubbard, aka Grim Hubbard Marion 1868
Hunsaker - See Parrish Gap  Marion  
Hunt DLC Burials George Hunt Farm Marion  
Hunt Family - See Mt. Hope  Marion  
IOOF - See Aurora Community  Marion  
IOOF - See Salem Pioneer  Marion  
IOOF, at Marion - See Cloverdale  Marion  
IOOF, Turner, aka Twin Oaks Turner Marion 1851 
Jason Lee Memorial - See Lee Mission  Marion  
Jefferson Masonic Ldge,aka Masonic, Meth. Jefferson Marion  
Jory Family Salem Marion 1854 
Kimsey - Walker Waldo Hills Marion 1859 
King Family - See Union Hill  Marion
Lee Mission, aka Lee Memorial Salem Marion 1838
Lipscomb Maurice Heater Farm Marion  
Lone Fir - See Beaver Creek  Marion
Looney Family, aka Steiwer Looney Looney Butte Marion 1850 
Lutheran - See Valley View  Marion  
Macleay - See Stipp  Marion  
Masonic - See Jefferson Masonic  Marion  
Mater Dolorosa Sublimity Marion
McCorkle - See Newsom Campground  Marion  
McLaren School Woodburn Marion 1924 
Methodist - See Jefferson Masonic  Marion  
Miller Silverton Marion 1852 
Mission Bottom, aka Will Meth LaFollette  Marion
Mt. Angel Abbey Mt Angel Marion  
Mt. Angel Mt Angel Marion 1860 
Mt. Calvary Mt Angel Marion
Murphy-Howell - See Howell  Marion  
Newsom Campground, aka McCorkle  Marion  
Norwegian - See Trinity Lutheran  Marion  
Norwegian Trinity - See Valley View  Marion  

Parrish Gap, aka Hunsaker Jefferson Marion 1850 
Patton Family Salem Marion 1878 
Penitentiary Annex (2 Cemeteries) Salem Marion  
Pioneer Memorial, aka Brook Pioneer Parkersville Marion 1855 
Pleasant Grove, aka Condit  Marion 1856 
Pratum Salem Marion  
Pudding River Pudding River Marion  
Purvine Farm Burials Hubbard Marion  
Restlawn Memory Gardens Salem Marion  
Rocky Hill - See Lone Fir  Marion  
Rocky Point Near Union Hill Grg Marion  
Rosedale Salem Marion 1902 
Rural - See Salem Pioneer  Marion
Salem Catholic - See St. Barbara's  Marion  
Salem Pioneer, aka Rural, aka IOOF Salem Marion 1841 
Shaw Catholic, aka St. Mary's Catholic Salem Marion  
Sidney Station Ankeny - See Cox  Marion  
Silver Creek - See Bethany Pioneer  Marion 
Simmons Mt Angel Marion 1852
St.Barbara's Catholic, aka Salem Catholic Salem Marion 1863  
St. Boniface Sublimity Marion
St. Luke Woodburn Marion 1895 
St. Mary Mt Angel Marion  
St. Mary's Catholic - See Shaw Catholic  Marion  
St. Paul (Old) St Paul Marion 1839 
St. Paul Catholic St Paul Marion 1870 
Steiwer Looney - See Looney Family  Marion  
Stipp, aka MaCleay MaCleay Marion 1849 
Sublimity Graveyard-See Hobson Whitney  Marion
Trinity Lutheran, aka Norwegian Trinity Mt. Angel Marion 1905  Twin Oaks - See IOOF, Turner  Marion  
Valley View,aka Evans Vly,Norwegian Tinity  Marion 1894 
Waldo Howell Prairie Rd Marion 1850 
Warren - See Mt. Hope  Marion  
Willamette Meth - See Mission Bottom  Marion  
Zion Mennonite Hubbard Marion  
Brooks Catholic Brooks Marion 1886

Other Cemeteries

These cemeteries are not under the control of the Tombstone Transcription Project, but are listed for your convenience.  
Database of Salem Pioneer (Rural I.O.O.F.) Cemetery
Lee Mission Cemetery for Look-up  Gayle  or Linda
Brooks  Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
Fairfield Cemetery
Mt Hope Cemetery
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