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Gold Hill Cemeteries- 1997
Gold Hill & Gold Hill Catholic
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Steve Lawrence
Gold Hill Catholic Cemetery - 2000 Gayle Hastert
Gold Hill Cemeteries
Gold Hill & Gold Hill Catholic



Cliff Day
Hebrew Cemetery
Virginia City, NV

Steve Lawrence

Silver Terrace Cemeteries - 2000
Virginia City, NV
Doreen Robinson 

Silver Terrace Cemeteries - 1998
Virginia City, NV

Masonic, Oddfellows, West End, Firemen's, Silver Terrace,
Wilson & Brown, Improved Order of Redmen, Knights of Pythias
City/County and Catholic

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Steve Lawrence
Silver Terrace Cemeteries
Virginia City, NV

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Cecelia Stewart, Chino Hills, CA
Candy Ammons, El Cajon, CA

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