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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Baker Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Miller Family -additional information
  Janette Vrana
  Joyce Schutt
Brush Creek Cemetery Pauline Dawes and Patricia Ramsey
Brush Creek Cemetery
(Being Transcribed)
  Alison Ann Fambrough
HINKLE, Albert (burial) Colored Cemetery on Union Electric Plant property   Valerie Inge Wright
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
Calvary Church Cemetery
Cove Cemetery
Ekey Cemetery
Lacy Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery
Old Cheatham Cemetery (Indian Prarie)
Prospect Church Cemetery
Woodcock Cemetery
  Ann Wideman
Goode Cemetery   Paul Annable
Baker Cemetery
Beouff Presbyterian Cemetery
Buffalo Cemetery
Old Cave Spring Cemetery
Champion City Cemetery
Crow Cemetery
Dutch Hill Cemetery
Evangelical St. Paul
Evergreen Baptist Cemetery
Green Mound Cemetery
Holy Martyrs Cemetery
Laubinger Memorial Cemetery
Old Argo Cemetery
Old Argo Cemetery #2
Old Holy Martyrs
Sullivan I.O.O.F. Cemetery
  Gail Cope Haferkamp
JOHNSON Family & SLAVES Cemetery   Bev Golden
Ficke Cemetery

Schmidt Cemetery
  Joe L Miller
Clamer H. Kreinkamp
Jobst Heinrich Kreienkamp
  Ronald Allen Kreinkamp
Casco Methodist Church Cemetery
Leslie Cemetery
Champion City Methodist Church Cemetery
  Alice Brandhorst
Old Hamilton Family Cemetery   Bev Golden
McNabb James stone image   Bonnie (McNabb ) Chapa
Midlawn Memorial Gardens Pauline Dawes and Patricia Ramsey
Mt. Hope Cemetery   Ruth Munn
Oak Hill Cemetery   Mike Boyd
Pacific City Cemetery Pauline Dawes and Patricia Ramsey
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Pauline Dawes and Patricia Ramsey
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Pauline Dawes and Patricia Ramsey
St. Joseph Cemetery   Kim Smith/Gary Shanks
St. Joseph Cemetery (more up to date)   Joanne Scobee Morgan
Union Cemetery (DUEMLER burials)   Brenda Hill
Giebler Cemetery
Trautwein Cemetery
Little Creek Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Woodman Cemetery
Andrew R. & Linda Lucas
Smith Family Cemetery   J. Ross Harvey
Steines Family Cemetery   Kathryn Grogman

Valentine-Miller Cemetery
Laura Ransom
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

REMEMBER, We Cannot Accept Copyrighted Cemetery Lists!!
If you have a book of cemetery listings published by an individual or group, the book is copyrighted and we cannot accept a list you have copied from it unless you send us the written permission of the author. We can only accept surveys of cemeteries that you have done yourself or can send us written permission from the author.

To submit a cemetery or photographs, please contact:
Missouri Tombstone Transcription Manager:


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