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The following cemeteries are listed in the
US Geological Survey web site as being in this County. Information in parenthesis ( ) indicates on which USGS map the cemetery can be found, not what community the cemetery may be in.  There are more not listed here.  Currently, there are many with no transcriptions or only partial listings in the Tombstone Project.  Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in the County:
  • Alford Cemetery (Progress)
  • Alford Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Alfred Cook Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Allen Cemetery (Progress)
  • Allen Cemetery (Progress)
  • Allen Cemetery (Progress)
  • Allen Cemetery (Progress)
  • Alton Roberts Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Andrews Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Andrews-Bickam-Quin Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Ann Tyler Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Ansel Prewitt Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Ard Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Bala Chitto Cemetery (Progress)
  • Barnes Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Barron Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Berry Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Bethany Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Bluff Springs Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Bogue Chitto Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Bolian Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Brent Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Brewer-Webb Cemetery (Progress)
  • Bridges Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Brumfield Cemetery (Progress)
  • Brumfield Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Brumfield Cemetery (Progress)
  • Burch Cemetery (Progress)
  • Burkhalter Cemetery (Progress)
  • Busby Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Carroll-Cook Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Charles Cole Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Charles Young Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Clark Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Conerly Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Conerly Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Coney Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Coney Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Coney Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Connally Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Cooks Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Covington Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Curtis Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Curtis Cemetery (McComb North)
  • DeKane Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Dickey Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Dinah Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Duff Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Durham Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Dykes Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Eaton Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Ellzey Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Ezell Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Felder Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Felder Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Fellowship Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Fernwood Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Ford Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Fortenberry Cemetery (Progress)
  • Fortenberry Cemetery (Progress)
  • Fulham Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Garner Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Gatlin Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Gibson Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Gibson Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Gray Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Greenwood Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Guiding Light Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Guy Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Guy Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Hall Cemetery (Progress)
  • Harrell-Martin Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Hayman Cemetery (Auburn)
  • Herron Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Hinson Cemetery (Progress)
  • Hinson-Knippers Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Hollywood Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Holmes Cemetery (Auburn)
  • Holmesville Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Hoover Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Hucabee Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Hucabee Cemetery (Progress)
  • Jewish Cemetery (McComb North)
  • John Felder Memorial Park (Pricedale)
  • Johnson Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Johnstons Station Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Josiah Powell Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Kaigler Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Kaigler Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Kendrick-Pounds Cemetery (Progress)
  • Kennedy Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Knapp Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Labon Bacot Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Lane-Lenoir Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Lea Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Leggett Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Lenoir Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Lewis Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Magee Cemetery (Progress)
  • Magee Cemetery (Progress)
  • Magnolia Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Martin Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Martin Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Martin Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Martin-McNabb Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • McCay Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • McCullough Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • McCullough Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • McDaniel Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • McDaniel Cemetery (Progress)
  • McEwen Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • McGehee Cemetery (Osyka)
  • McNabb Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Memorial Gardens Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Mount Calvary Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Mount Zion Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Mullens Cemetery (Progress)
  • Navilla Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Norman Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Old Friendship Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Osby Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Owens Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Phelps Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Pine Grove Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Pound Cemetery (Progress)
  • Powell Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Powell Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Prescott Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Progress Cemetery (Progress)
  • Quin Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Quin Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Quin Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Quin Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Rayborn-Easley Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Reeves Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Reeves Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Rhodus Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Rhodus Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Rice Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Rills Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Rimes Cemetery (Progress)
  • Roberts Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Roberts Cemetery (Progress)
  • Rollins Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Sabine Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Saint Mary Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Sandifer Cemetery (Progress)
  • Sandifer Cemetery (Progress)
  • Sandifer Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Silver Creek Cemetery (Progress)
  • Silver Springs Cemetery (Progress)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Progress)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Progress)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Progress)
  • Simmons Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Simmons Cemetery (Progress)
  • Slade Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Slaven Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Smith Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Smith Cemetery (Progress)
  • Spinks Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Stevenson Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Strickland Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Strickland Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Strickland Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Tate Cemetery (Progress)
  • Tate Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Terry Creek Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Thomas Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Thompson Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Thornhill Cemetery (Progress)
  • Turner Cemetery (Auburn)
  • Turnipseed Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Union Cemetery (McComb South)
  • Unity Cemetery (Lake Tangipahoa)
  • Varnado Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Varnado Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Varnado Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Varnado Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Varnado Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Walker Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Walker Cemetery (Pricedale)
  • Warner Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Webb Cemetery (Holmesville)
  • Wells Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Williams Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Williams Cemetery (McComb North)
  • Wilson Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Wilson Cemetery (Terrys Creek)
  • Wolverton Cemetery (Osyka)
  • Woodlawn Cemetery (McComb North)
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