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Barksdale Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Beard-Curle Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Bethel Cemetery, Holcomb   Helen Arnold
Brown Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Collins Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Confederate Cemetery AKA Odd Fellows Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Gore Springs United Methodist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Green Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Fred Bean
Grenada Memorial Gardens Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Harris-Pearidge Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Holcomb Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Ingram Cemetery   Helen Arnold
James Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Jones-Torrance Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Lake Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Lamon-Trussell Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Joseph Ligon Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Lucas Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Moorehead Property Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Mt. Zion Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Owens Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Oxberry Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Parker Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Peacock Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Pearidge Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Perry Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Bob Quarters Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Sparta United Methodist Church Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Springhill Cemetery   Helen Arnold
Turner-Terrell Cemetery   Helen Arnold

The following cemeteries are listed in the
US Geological Survey web site as being in this County. Information in parenthesis ( ) indicates on which USGS map the cemetery can be found, not what community the cemetery may be in.  There are more not listed here.  Currently, there are many with no transcriptions or only partial listings in the Tombstone Project.  Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in the County:
  • Allen Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Baker Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Baker Cemetery (Tillatoba)
  • Barksdale Cemetery #2 (Grenada)
  • Beard Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Beck Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Benford Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Bethel Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Bethel Cemetery (Cascilla)
  • Bethleham Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Bob Quarters Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Bornard Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Bowes Cemetery (Scobey)
  • Brown Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Browns Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Brunfield Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Bush Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Butler Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Chapel Hill Cemetery (Sweatman)
  • Clark Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Cole Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Cooley-Hawkins Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Crowder Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Crowder Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Dailey Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Davis Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Dobbs Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Dodson Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Dubois Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Duncan Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Elliott Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Epson Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Fisher Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Frasier Cemetery (Sweatman)
  • Gillman Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Graves Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Griffin Cemetery (Sweatman)
  • Griffin Cemetery (Scobey)
  • Hardiman Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Harris Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Harris Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Haywood Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Hebron Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Hill Cemetery (Scobey)
  • Hoffa Cemetery (Cascilla)
  • Hope Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Hope-Crane Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Horton Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Horton Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Jones Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Jones Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Kincaide Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Kirkman Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Knox Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Lawrence Cemetery (Cascilla)
  • Leflora Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Legg Chapel Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Mahue Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Martin Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Mays Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • McCraken Cemetery (Scobey)
  • McSwine Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Mistor Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Mitchell Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Mount Carmel Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Mount Carney Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Mount Nebo Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Mount Ollie Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Neal Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • New Hope Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Old Ash Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Old White Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Pace Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Parson Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Peet Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Perry Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Perry Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Perry Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Poa Ridge Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Prospect Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Providence Cemetery (Sweatman)
  • Purdie Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Purnell Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Richardson Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Rohnsville Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Saint Peters Cemetery (Cascilla)
  • Salem Cemetery (Tie Plant)
  • Sanders Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Sears Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Shiloh Cemetery (Avalon)
  • Shoemaker Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Smith-Barnard Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Spears Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Stokes Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Swange Chapel Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Sweet Home Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Talbert Cemetery (Grenada)
  • Tascohoma Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Terrell Cemetery (Cascilla)
  • Townes Cemetery (Scobey)
  • Trimbell Cemetery (Holcomb)
  • Union Hill Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Whitfield Cemetery (historical) (Grenada)
  • Wilders Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • Wilkins Cemetery (Jefferson)
  • Williams Cemetery (Gore Springs)
  • Williams Cemetery (Kincaid)
  • Williamson Cemetery (Duck Hill)
  • York Cemetery (Kincaid)
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