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See USGenWeb Archives Project for Most Current Cemeteries

Ballard Cemetery   Mark Mitchell
Bankston Cemetery   See File
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery Bethel Baptist Church See File
Chester Baptist Church Cemetery Chester Baptist Church Gene Saunders
Macedonia Cemetery   Muriel Gillespie Bryant
Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery Salem United Church See File

The following cemeteries are listed in the
US Geological Survey web site as being in this County. Information in parenthesis ( ) indicates on which USGS map the cemetery can be found, not what community the cemetery may be in.  There are more not listed here.  Currently, there are many with no transcriptions or only partial listings in the Tombstone Project.  Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in the County:
  • Antiocho Cemetery (Reform)
  • Bethel Cemetery (Sapa)
  • Bethlehem Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Bethlehem Cemetery (Weir)
  • Bethsalem Cemetery (Reform)
  • Bethsalem Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Beulah Cemetery (McCool)
  • Big Jerusalem Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Bluff Spring Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Blythe Creek Cemetery (Reform)
  • Bowles Cemetery (Reform)
  • Cathledge Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Chapel Hill Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Chester Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Clear Springs Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Cox Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Crape Creek Cemetery (Stewart)
  • Curtis Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Dacus Cemetery (Stewart)
  • Dobbs Cemetery (Reform)
  • Downing Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Ebenezer Cemetery (Stewart)
  • Enon Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Fellowship Cemetery (Sapa)
  • Fentress Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Freewill Cemetery (Stewart)
  • French Camp Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Hamrick Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Head Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Hebron Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Hemphill Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Hopewell Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Hopewell Cemetery (McCool)
  • Jarod Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Jayroe Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Jenkins Cemetery (Stewart)
  • La Grange Cemetery (Sapa)
  • Lebanon Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Little Shaw Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Love Cemetery (Weir)
  • Luddock Cemetery (McCool)
  • Malone Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • McCurtin Creek Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Mill Springs Cemetery (Weir)
  • Morrison Cemetery (Sturgis)
  • Moss Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Mount Airy Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Mount Moriah Cemetery (Weir)
  • Mount Pisgah Cemetery (Reform)
  • Mount Zion Cemetery (McCool)
  • Mullens Cemetery (Sapa)
  • Nebo Cemetery (Reform)
  • New Haven Cemetery (Weir)
  • New Zion Cemetery (Weir)
  • Old Antioch Cemetery (Stewart)
  • Old Concord Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Old Mount Pisgah Cemetery (Reform)
  • Old Salem Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Owens Chapel Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Penderville Cemetery (Weir)
  • Pigeon Roost Cemetery (Sapa)
  • Pilgrims Rest Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Pisgah Cemetery (Weir)
  • Providence Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Rosemond Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Salem Cemetery (Weir)
  • Salem Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Shiloh Cemetery (Sturgis)
  • Simpson Cemetery (Weir)
  • South Union Cemetery (Ackerman)
  • Spring Hill Cemetery (Double Springs)
  • Staples Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Tanksley Cemetery (Louisville North)
  • Thompson Cemetery (Stewart)
  • Trussell Cemetery (Tomnolen)
  • Turner Cemetery (Highpoint)
  • Weir Cemetery (Weir)
  • Weir Chapel Cemetery (Weir)
  • Wood Cemetery (Reform)
  • Wood Springs Cemetery (Tomnolen)
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