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To learn how to record a survey of a Cemetery and transcribe it for uploading see Instructions for Surveying a Cemetery and Submitting It.

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Bowie Chapel Cemetery Bowie Chapel Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Bowlin Cemetery Bowlin Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Kosciusko City Cemetery, a partial listing Kosciusko City Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
McCool Cemetery McCool Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
New Hope Cemetery, North Attala, a partial listing   Peggy Peninger
New Hope Cemetery, East Attala, a partial listing   Peggy Peninger
Parkway Cemetery, Kosciusko Parkway Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Stonewall Cemetery Stonewall Cemetery Tombstone Photos  
Tabernacle Methodist Church Cemetery
  LeJuan Sims
The following cemeteries are listed in the US Geological Survey web site as being in Attala County. Information in parenthesis ( ) indicates on which USGS map the cemetery can be found, not what community the cemetery may be in.  There are more not listed here.  Currently, there are many with no transcriptions or only partial listings in the Tombstone Project.  Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in Attala County:
  • Ables Cemetery (Newport)
  • Antioch Cemetery (Zama)
  • Armstrong Cemetery (West)
  • Attala Memory Gardens (Singleton)
  • Bear Creek Cemetery (McCool)
  • Berea Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Bethel Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Bethlehem Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Black Jack Cemetery (Newport)
  • Bloomingburg Cemetery (McCool)
  • Bowie Chapel Cemetery (McCool)
  • Bowlin Cemetery (Durant)
  • Breazeale Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Brister Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Brooks Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Brown Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Buffalo Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Bullock Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Bunker Hill Cemetery (Durant)
  • Carr Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Carson Ridge Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery (Singleton)
  • Center Cemetery (Zama)
  • Chapel Hill Cemetery (French Camp)
  • Coleman Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Cummings Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Daniel Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Dickerson Cemetery (Newport)
  • Dodd Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Doty Springs Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Eades Cemetery (French Camp)
  • East County Line Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Ebenezer Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Edgefield Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Ellington Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Fletcher Cemetery (Singleton)
  • Friendship Cemetery (Poplar Creek)
  • Guess Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Hannah Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Harmon Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Harmonia Cemetery (Newport)
  • Harmony Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Herring Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Hill Springs Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Himan Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Holeman Cemetery (Durant)
  • Holy Grove Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Hopewell Cemetery (Newport)
  • Hurricane Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Isaac Cemetery (Singleton)
  • Jenkins Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Kelley Cemetery (Four Corners)
  • Kelly Cemetery (Four Corners)
  • Liberty Chapel Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Liberty Hill Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Lutheran Cemetery (Newport)
  • Macedonia Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Macedonia Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Malett Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Marvin Chapel Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Mayo Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • McClain Cemetery (Newport)
  • McCool Cemetery (McCool)
  • McCord Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Mitchell Cemetery (Goodman)
  • Mount Leviton Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Mount Moriah Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Mount Pilgrim Cemetery (McCool)
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Durant)
  • Mount Vernon Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Mount Zion Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Mount Zion Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Musselwhite Cemetery (McAdams)
  • New Banyon Cemetery (Newport)
  • New Bethel Cemetery (McAdams)
  • New Hope Cemetery (Newport)
  • New Hope Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • New Roby Cemetery (Newport)
  • New Salem Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Newhope Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • North Union Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Oak Grove Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Oak Ridge Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Old Bowie Cemetery (McCool)
  • Old Roby Cemetery (Newport)
  • Palmer Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Parkway Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Patterson Cemetery (Zama)
  • Pierces Chapel Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Pilgrim Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Pilgrim Rest Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Pisgah Cemetery (Newport)
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Singleton)
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Durant)
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Ethel SE)
  • Pole Pen Cemetery (Newport)
  • Presley Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Providence Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Providence Cemetery (Vaiden)
  • Riley Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Roby Cemetery (Newport)
  • Rocky Point Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Rosamond Cemetery (Durant)
  • Russell Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Saint Mark Cemetery (Newport)
  • Salem Cemetery (Newport)
  • Sallis Cemetery (Durant)
  • Samarra Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Sand Hill Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Sandy Ridge Cemetery (Newport)
  • Seneasha Cemetery (Newport)
  • Shady Grove Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Shelley Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Shelley Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Shield Cemetery (Zama)
  • Shiloh Cemetery (Vaiden)
  • Silas Grove Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Skeen Cemetery (Joseph)
  • Smyrna Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Smyrna Cemetery (Kosciusko NE)
  • Smyrna Cemetery (Zama)
  • Spring Grove Cemetery (Newport)
  • Spring Ridge Cemetery (Newport)
  • Springdale Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Stonewall Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Stump Ridge Cemetery (Durant)
  • Sweet Pilgrim Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Tabernacle Cemetery (Ethel South)
  • Teague Cemetery (McAdams)
  • Thornton Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • Union Cemetery (Newport)
  • Unity Cemetery (Hesterville)
  • West Union Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • White Plains Cemetery (Ethel North)
  • Williamsville Cemetery (Kosciusko)
  • Wyatt Cemetery (Newport)
  • Wyse Cemetery (Newport)



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To learn how to record a survey of a cemetery and transcribe it, submit a survey you have completed or to add your tombstone photos to the collection, please go to:

The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Mississippi Submission and Contacts page



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