Essex County


St Mary's, 226 North Street, Salem, MA


First Settlers' Burial Ground , 238 High Rd, not far from the Lower Green, Newbury;
Dick Cunningham, Superintendant
William Sawyer, 1613-1701


I'm interested in the Riverview Cemetery at Groveland, Mass. It was called "God's Acre" at one time. This cemetery was supposedly in East Bradford at one time. I know town boundary lines have changed over the years. Would this cemetery have been considered as being in the town of Bradford ca 1730? There is supposedly a book, "Inscriptions from the Old Cemetery in Groveland, Mass. Does anyone know where the book can be obtained? Thanks, Charles


Bradford Burial Ground in Haverhill. The Essex Antiquarian has the inscriptions for this ancient burying ground.


Jenn Marcelais, who has an excellent cemetery photo's web site I've finally sending an update notice to let you know of some big changes to the site. First off is to tell you that I'm currently switching most photos to a new photo management system, located at This new system allows people like yourselves to post comments and blog on different photos and galleries. I thought it might be a good way for people to post comments on their ancestor's gravestone photos, or to add interesting historic information for people if you have some to share. It could also be a good way for taphophiles in an area to get together on helping out with these cemeteries. The other big change is that although I didn't update the site much over the last year, I did go out and take lots of photos. Many of these photos are up in their galleries online, but not transcribed yet. All the cemetery photo galleries currently on the site are:
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