88 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.
Feature Name Address Town Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Aaron Clark Memorial Cemetery Turners Falls Rd Turners Falls 423500N 0723250W Greenfield
Allis Cemetery     423202N 0725712W Plainfield
Arms Cemetery Mechanic St Ext Shelburne Falls 423700N 0724400W Shelburne Falls
Ashfield Plain Cemetery South St Ashfield 423145N 0724720W Ashfield
Beaver Meadow Cemetery Bratleboro Rd Leyden 424308N 0723706W Bernardston
Boyden Cemetery Roaring Brook Rd Conway 422900N 0724000W Williamsburg
Branch Cemetery Lyonsville Rd Colrain 424002N 0724320W Colrain
Branch Cemetery     423200N 0721630W Orange
Brick School Cemetery Shelburne Line Rd Colrain 423951N 0723958W Colrain
Brookside Cemetery South Main St Whatley 422815N 0723638W Mount Toby
Calvary Cemetery Wisdow Way Greenfield 423435N 0723650W Greenfield
Center Cemetery Center St Wendell 424055N 0724900W Heath
Chandler Hill Cemetery Greenfield West Rd Colrain 424006N 0724100W Colrain
Chestnut Hill Cemetery Chestnut Hill Rd Montague Center 423122N 0722856W Millers Falls
Coller Cemetery Coller Rd Gill 423923N 0722335W Northfield
Cricket Hill Cemetery Crickett Hill Rd Conway 422840N 0724206W Williamsburg
Christian Hill Ed Clarke Rd Colrain 424257N 0724552W Heath
Doane Cemetery Forget Rd Hawley 423504N 0725226W Ashfield
Dry Hill Cemetery Dry Hill Rd Millers Falls 423318N 0722755W Millers Falls
East Cemetery Plainfield Rd East Hawley 424231N 0725300W Rowe
East Deerfield Cemetery River Rd East Deerfield 423320N 0723351W Greenfield
East Hill Cemetery East Hill Rd Leyden 424135N 0723609W Bernardston
East Whately Cemetery Christian Rd East Whatley 422641N 0723558W Mount Toby
Elm Grove Cemetery Turners Falls Rd Montague Center 423230N 0723215W Greenfield
Field Cemetery Lower Farm Rd Northfield 423645N 0722827W Millers Falls
Gardner Cemetery North Leverett Rd Leverett 423013N 0722727W Millers Falls
Gill Center Cemetery . . 423830N 0722959W Northfield
Green River Cemetery Wisdow Way Greenfield 423450N 0723628W Greenfield
Hawks Cemetery Hawks Rd Deerfield 423320N 0723930W Shelburne Falls
High Street Cemetery High St Greenfield 423615N 0723434W Greenfield
Highland Cemetery Millers Falls Rd Millers Falls 423440N 0723030W Greenfield
Hill Cemetery Old Village Rd Shelburne 423552N 0724125W Shelburne Falls
Hill Cemetery Norton Hill Rd Ashfield 423115N 0724757W Ashfield
Holton Cemetery Old State Rd Erving 423447N 0722750W Millers Falls
Holy Ghost Cemetery Long Plain Rd Whatley 422750N 0723635W Mount Toby
Holy Name of Jesus Cemetery 422810N 0723630W Mount Toby
Howland Cemetery Cemetery Rd Conway 423046N 0724148W Shelburne Falls
Jackson Hill Cemetery Jackson Hill Rd Leverett 423010N 0723010W Greenfield
Jones Cemetery Jones Rd Orange 423650N 0723851W Shelburne Falls
Laurel Hill Cemetery N.E. Nook Rd Deerfield 423233N 0723555W Greenfield
Leavitt Cemetery Mohawk Trail Charlemont 423703N 0725000W Ashfield
Locust Hill Cemetery Tunrers Falls Rd Montague Center 423222N 0723212W Greenfield
Long Plain Cemetery Depot Rd Leverett 422704N 0723130W Mount Toby
Lower Meadow Cemetery Colrain Rd Greenfield 423538N 0723712W Greenfield
Maple Grove Cemetery Sadoga Rd Monroe 424310N 0724922W Heath
Mervel Cemetery . . 423010N 0723015W Greenfield
Mount Hermon Cemetery Gill Rd West Northfield 424046N 0712858W Nashua South
Mount Hope Cemetery Chestnut Hill Rd Leverett 423040N 0722926W Millers Falls
Mountain View Cemetery Prescott Rd New Salem 422722N 0722040W Quabbin Reservoir
North Cemetery Old Albany Rd Deerfield 423905N 0722855W Northfield
North Cemetery   . . 423347N 0723733W Shelburne Falls
North Cemetery North Cemetery Rd Rowe 424244N 0725356W Rowe
North River Cemetery Jacksonville Rd Colrain 424108N 0724130W Colrain
North Shirkshire Cemetery Wilder Hill Rd Conway 423408N 0724316W Shelburne Falls
North Sunderland Cemetery Montague Rd Sunderland 422950N 0723257W Mount Toby
Old Albany Cemetery Old Albany Rd Deerfield 423242N 0723635W Greenfield
Old Cemetery Meadow Rd Bernardston 424052N 0723240W Bernardston
Old South Cemetery Old Sunderland Rd Montague Center 423126N 0723210W Greenfield
Our Lady of Czechowski Cemetery Turners Falls Rd Turners Falls 423505N 0723245W Greenfield
Perry Cemetery North Orange Rd North Orange 423809N 0721610W Mount Grace
Pine Grove Cemetery Reeds Bridge Rd Conway 423120N 0724127W Shelburne Falls
Pine Nook Cemetery Cemetery Rd Deerfield 423030N 0723354W Greenfield
Plainview Cemetery North Leverett Rd Leverett 422948N 0722835W Shutesbury
Polish Cemetery Wisdow Way Greenfield 423445N 0723705W Greenfield
Riverside Cemetery Cemetery Rd Sunderland 422740N 0723511W Mount Toby
Riverside Cemetery Main Rd Gill 423656N 0723228W Greenfield
Saint Marys Cemetery St May's Rd Northfield 424112N 0722645W Northfield
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery . . 422815N 0723630W Mount Toby
Shelburne Center Cemetery Shelburne Center Rd Shelburne 423500N 0724152W Shelburne Falls
Skinner Cemetery Roberts Rd Shelburne 423638N 0724010W Shelburne Falls
South Cemetery . . 423034N 0722518W Millers Falls
South Cemetery South Rd Heath 423915N 0724956W Heath
South Cemetery . . 424100N 0723757W Colrain
South Cemetery . . 423455N 0724012W Shelburne Falls
South Mountain Cemetery Mountain Rd Northfield 423815N 0722500W Northfield
Southpart Cemetery 422745N 0724015W Williamsburg
Springdale Cemetery Turnpike Rd Turners Falls 423515N 0723310W Greenfield
Town Farm Cemetery Route 63 Montague Center 423335N 0723029W Greenfield
Upper Meadow Cemetery Colrain Rd Greenfield 423702N 0723800W Shelburne Falls
Ward Cemetery River Rd South Deerfield 422855N 0723443W Mount Toby
Warwick Cemetery Route 78 Warwick 424033N 0722027W Mount Grace
West Cemetery Leverett Rd Shutesbury 422655N 0722527W Shutesbury
West Cemetery Hazelton Rd Rowe 424315N 0725912W Rowe
West Cemetery . . 424206N 0725450W Rowe
West Deerfield Cemetery Upper Rd West Deerfield 423320N 0723733W Shelburne Falls
West Leyden Cemetery West Leyden Rd West Leyden 424222N 0723926W Colrain
West Northfield Cemetery River St Northfield 424242N 0722808W Northfield
Whately Center Cemetery North St Whatley 422635N 0723811W Williamsburg