George & Janet Thompson


Town of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine Cemeteries Names beginning A to I.

Town of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine Cemeteries Names from J to Z.


Jody Schau

  Small Cemeteries


All Hebron Cemeteries




Graveyard Inscriptions in Otisfield, Maine Cemeteries

  1. Bell Hill Cemetery
  2. Cedarcrest Cemetery*
  3. East Otisfield Cemetery
  4. Elmwood Cemetery*
  5. Cobb Hill Road Cemetery (Winship Cemetery)
  6. Merrill Memorial Cemetery*
  7. Highland Cemetery
  8. Oak Hill Cemetery
  9. Oakdale Cemetery*
  10. Scribner Hill Rd., Lower Yard Cemetery
  11. Scribner Hill Rd., Upper Yard Cemetery
  12. South Otisfield Cemetery, Powhatan Road*
  13. Wight Family Cemetery
  14. Other Burials and Gravestone Inscriptions in Otisfield

    *Denotes cemeteries which are officially "open" (1994).

Jean Hankins of the Otisfield Historical Society & Marilyn M. Strout






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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

If you would like to transcribe data for this Project, or you have already done cemetery surveys and would like to share that work with the world, please let us hear from you.

All Cemetery Surveys, Gravestone Inscriptions, Tombstone Photos and other files related to cemeteries are posted in the MEGenWeb Archives. It is not necessary to submit files to both the Tombstone Transcription Project and the ME Archives.

Maine Tombstone Transcription Project

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Rebecca Maloney

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