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Listing of Cemeteries Greggory E. Davies
Listing of African American Cemeteries Greggory E. Davies
Civil War Veteran Soldiers Burial Sites Grady McFarland
List of Virtual Cemeteries Online B. Jo Branch
Winn Parish people buried outside of the parish or state. As Listed
Search the Winn Parish Cemeteries

 A - B

Adams Graves
Roy L. Johnson
Roy L. Johnson
Allen Cem.
Junior & B. Jo Branch and Sarah Porter
Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Oscar K. Allen Cem.
Annette Womack
Annette Womack
Antioch Methodist Cem.
Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Antioch (Five Forks) Cem., Old
Gary Foster
Atlanta Cem.
Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Atlanta, addedum
Lorene Arnold
See individual headstones for Beech Creek Cem.
Beech Creek Cem.
Annie Jones & Roy L. Johnson
Beech Creek Cem., Old
Roy L. Johnson 
Wm. R."Bill" Holly, Jr.
Beech Creek Cem. - Unmarked Graves, Old
Dennis Day
Bethlehem Cem.
Frank Martin
Beulah Cem.
Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Blake Cem. & Roddick Blake Family Notes
Annette Womack
Annette Womack
Blake Cem.
Sandra Grillette
Blake Cem. Update
James Moore
Bolton-Teagle Cem.
Annette Womack
Annette Womack
Teagle Notes
R. Hugh Simmons
Boyett Cem.
Roy L. Johnson
Roy L. Johnson
Daniel Boyett Grave
Susie Boyett Hodge
Roy L. Johnson
Brister Graveyard
Roy L. Johnson
Roy L. Johnson
Brown Cem.
Frank & Nora Martin
Burnt Church Cem.
Annie Jones & Roy Johnson

C - F

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Calvary Baptist Church Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Capps Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
 John Cloud, Am. Rev. Soldier Annette Womack  
Cockerham Cem. Annette Womack Peggy C. Beaubouef
Corinth Cem.   Grady McFarland
Corley Cem.   Kathy LeMay Kelly
Couley Double Churches Cem.   Frank & Nora Martin
Couley Methodist Church Cem.   Gaytha Thompson
County Line Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Cross Roads Cem.   Kathy LeMay Kelly
Cypress Creek Cem.

Annette Womack

Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Dodson Mill Graves   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Dulaney/Starnes Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Fellowship Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Fellowship Cem.-Updated Maude Ann Gilmore and B. Jo Branch
Floyd Grave   Annie Jones
Ford Cem. Roy Johnson & Jimmie Newsom
Franks Cem.   James C. Martin
Friendship Cem. (formerly Mineral Springs)   Kathy LeMay Kelly
Friendship Cem - Alphabetical   Dwight Jackson
Friendship Cem. #2   Jerry Lasyone

G - J

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See individual headstones for Garden of Memories
Gansville Cem. Talbot Family Research Group Annette Womack
Gorham Cem. Chris Verret
Guin - Cox Cem.   Kathy LeMay Kelly
 Hargis Cem. Annette Womack  
Harmony Cem., Old   Frank & Nora Martin
Harmony Grove Cem. Junior & B. Jo Branch
Hart Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Hatten Cem.   Annette Womack
Hatten Cem.   Jimmy & Kathy LeMay Kelly
Hebron Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Holmes Cem.   Wm. R."Bill" Holly, Jr.
Holmes Cem. Junior & B. Jo Branch
Hurley Cem. a.k.a. Union Grove Cem.   Karen Collins Garrett
Hy-Line Graveyard   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Hurricane Creek Church Cem. Roy L. Johnson Danelli Weaver Faccone
Hurricane Grove Cem.   Charles S. "Chuck" Willis
Hyde Cem.   Grady McFarland
James Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
James Chapel (Pennywell) Cem. (Af-Am)   Greggory E. Davies
Jerusalem Cem.   Wm. R."Bill" Holly, Jr.
Jerusalem Baptist Church Cem., New   Wm. R."Bill" Holly, Jr.
Reinterment of Stephen A. Head (Chatham Cem., Jackson Par., LA) Moved from New Jerusalem Bap. Church Cem. Kenneth Peavy
See individual headstones for Jones (Marshall) Cem.
Jones Cem. (Marshall)   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Jordan Hill Cem.   Grady McFarland

K - M

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Kelley Cem.   Kathy LeMay Kelly
Killen Cem.   Grady McFarland
Kimbrel Cem.   Greggory E. Davies
Lasyone Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Lasyone Cem.   Greggory E. Davies (Read by Ray Lasyone)
Lasyone Cem. Update   Michael May
Lyon-Pearre Cem.   Greggory E. Davies
Lyon-Pearre Cem. - add'l A. W. Pearre Information   Dayn Jackson
Magnolia Cem.   Chris Verret
Mars Hill Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Martin Cem. Linda Lucky Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
McCarty Graves Roy L. Johnson Roy L. Johnson
McGinty Cem.   Annette Womack
Melton Cem.   Grady McFarland
Mineral Springs Cem. (a.k.a. Union Springs)   Annette Womack
Morning Star Cem. (Af-Am), New   Greggory E. Davies
Morning Star Cem. (Af-Am), Old   Greggory E. Davies
See individual headstones for Mount Zion Cem.
Mount Zion Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Mount Zion Cem. - Update   Greggory E. Davies
Mystery Cem.   Greggory E. Davies

N - R

Nelson Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Nelson Cem. Update   Annie Jones
New Bethlehem Cem. (Af-Am)   Greggory E. Davies
New Hope Cem.   Sue E. (Smith) Badeaux
Patrick West Cem.   Greggory E. Davies
Pine Ridge Cem.   Annette Womack
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cem.   Barbara Martin Clark
Quattlebaum Graves   Brenda Reed
Roberts Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin

S - T

St. Maurice Cem.   Kathy Hill
Salem Cem., New   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Saline Cem.   Gaytha Thompson
Sanders Graves   Richard & Christa Medaries
Sanders Chapel Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Sardis Cem. Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Sardis Cem. Updated   Gale A. Condrey
Shady Grove Cem. Roy L. Johnson Roy L. Johnson
Shady Grove Church Cem. Roy L. Johnson Roy L. Johnson
Sharon Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Shiloh Graveyard Roy L. Johnson Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Sikes Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
See individal headstones for Siloam Cem.
Siloam Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Siloam Cem. #5   Jerry Lasyone
 Slaughter Gravesite Greggory E. Davies  
Smith (Amanda) Graveyard Roy L. Johnson Roy L. Johnson
Strong Cem.   Deanie Trichell Edmunson
Transport Cem. (partial listing)   Danelli Weaver Faccone
Transport Cem. (additional listing)   Leah Wright Talbot
Transport Cem. (Updated)   Grady McFarland

U - Z

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Underwood Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Underwood Ridge Cem.   Greggory E. Davies
Union Church Cem.   Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
Union Springs/Hardshell Baptist Cem. Annette Womack James Martin
Welcome Home Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Whitehead Cem.   Annette Womack
Willis Cem. Roy L. Johnson Roy L. Johnson
Winnfield City Cem. Section Diagram Lewis F. "Frank" Martin  
Winnfield City Cem. Annette Womack Lewis F. "Frank" Martin
---Section "H" List Annette Womack
---Section "I" List   Annette Womack 
---Section "I" (Tugwell) update B. Jo Branch B. Jo Branch
Gen. Thomas S. Woodward   Greggory E. Davies
Wright Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Yankee Springs Cem.   Karen Collins Garrett
Yankee Springs Cem.   James Moore
Zion Baptist Church Cem.
(Winn-Grant parish line)
  Grady McFarland
Zion Hill Cem.   Roy L. Johnson
Zion Hill (Tannehill) Cem. (2nd Update)   Grady McFarland
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