Powers Cemetery
Caldwell Parish, Louisiana


Directions to the Cemetery:


1. From Olla at the intersection of La 125 and La 127 North on La 127 approximately 4.5 miles to Parish Road [PR 620] or Hooterville Road. East on PR 620 approximately 4 miles to La 506. Continue North on La 506 approximately 2.8 miles to the Beaucoup Road or Parish Road 605 [PR 605] . Turn East on [PR605] and the Powers Cemetery will be located approximately 0.6 mile on the South Side of the Beaucoup Road [PR 605].

2. From US 165 at La 506 turn West at the US 165 Kelly Exit. Follow La 506 West approximately 14.2 miles to the Beaucoup Road [Parish Road 605] a dirt gravel road located off the East Side of La 506 immediately past the Roberts Cemetery. Turn East on the Beaucoup Road [PR 605] and the Cemetery will be located approximately 0.6 mile on the South Side of the Beaucoup Road [PR 605]

3. From La 126 turn South on the Hebron Road a dirt gravel road. In approximately 8.5 miles the Hebron Road (or Parish Road 323 once you enter Caldwell Parish) becomes a paved road and when it changes from the dirt gravel road to a paved road it becomes La 506. Continue South on Hebron Road/Parish Road 323/La 506 another 0.9 miles to the Beaucoup Road [PR 605]. Turn East on the Beaucoup Road [PR 605] and the cemetery will be located approximately 0.6 miles on the South Side of the Beaucoup Road [PR 605].


The Powers Cemetery file was complied and contributed on June 22, 2002 by: James & Deviona Newsom and submitted on July 17, 2002.

Carter Matthew
Foot: Grandfather
1836 - 1885

Benson Infant Daughter of C. A. & Lucy
b/d 11-25-1912

Benson C. A. (Possibly G. A.)
b. 10-03-1876
d. 03-17-1963

Benson Lucy P.
W/O C. A Benson
b. 12-25-1886
d. 12-20-1912

Childress Ludie F.
[Infant Daughter of R. P. & A. E. Childress]
b. 11-15-1887
d. 09-15-1889
Tombstone broken.

Gaugh Mary Laird
b. 07-20-1892
d. 01-25-1919

Harris Sallie A.
[Daughter of R. B. & B]
b. 12-22-1881
d. 12-04-1895
Foot: S.A.H.

Heitzell Sarah
b. 08-17-1902
d. 07-23-1905

Hendrix Hanan Hiram
1811 - 1894

Johnson Mary
W/O Godfrey L. Thomas
b. 09-28-1826
d. 05-31-1886

Kilby Willie I.
b. 10-30-1907
d. 04-25-1909

Kilby Infant Daughter of S. D. & S. E.
b. 10-10-1906
d. 10-11-1906

Kinnison W. N.
b. 12-30-1850
d. 04-10-1910

Kinnison W. T.
b. 03-21-1879
d. 04-05-1902

Kinnison Infant Daughter of Philip & Rachel E.
December 17, 1912

Kinnison Annie E.
W/O W. N. Kinnison
b. 08-06-1857
d. 11-01-1923

Laird Eunice Lavonia
b. 01-16-1913
d. 12-19-1939

Laird Infant Son of H. N. & Lucy
b. 08-15-1907
d. 08-15-1907

Laird Juley P.
b. 06-07-1851
d. 04-24-1917

Laird John Nelson
[Double Marker]
b. 02-28-1883
d. 03-08-1960

Lucy Kinnison
Married 01-17-1906
b. 04-14-1889
d. 01-04-1969

Laird James L.
S SGT U. S. Army Air Core WWII
b. 12-29-1910
d. 11-27-1987

Laird Eunice
Funeral Home Marker
Almost hidden in some shrubs! Riser Funeral Home

Laird Martha L.
b. 02-28-1860
d. 07-22-1906
Tombstone broken into three pieces.

Laird J. H. Father
b. 02-03-1855
d. 04-20-1928

Patton Sarah F.
W/O S. H. Patton
b. 08-12-1859
d. 02-29-1916

Patton Samuel H.
Funeral Home Marker
Died: August 5, 1940
Marker Very Rusty, but it appears to be a Riser Funeral Home Marker
Age 87 Years

Hendrix Elizabeth Colston
1813 - 1896

Patton J. H.
b. 04-08-1892
d. 10-06-1939

Foot: E.F.P.
Wife of M. S. Powers
Born: 1798
Died: May 14, 1899

Sears Osward C.
[Infant Son of M. L. & A. O. Sears]
b. 06-24-1905
d. 03-25-1908
Tombstone broken & foot marker nearly out of the ground.

Thomas Godfrey L.
b. 02-07-1819
d. 04-19-1912

Watson Effie V.
b. 08-12-1899
d. 06-28-1910

Watson Julius H.
[Son of Coma & Annie]
b. 10-09-1895
d. 07-20-1899
Tombstone leaning badly.

Watson Sidney Gilbert [Son of Coma & Annie]
b. 01-13-1897
d. 12-19-1899

Watson Rubly B.
[Daughter of Coma & Annie]
b. 08-08-1891
d. 08-30-1900
Foot marker lying beside tombstone.

Watson Blanche
[Daughter of J. C. & Annie]
b. 01-15-1905
d. 07-02-1910


One grave marked only with two bricks!

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