Documentation of the Hay Hollow Community Cemetery

Folsom, Louisiana

May 8, 2004

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General information about this Survey

This publication was furnished by Max Daines, a Boy Scout in Troop 245 for the village of Folsom, Louisiana. The cemetery was surveyed for an Eagle project and therefore this information cannot be used for commercial purposes. This material may be copied for non-commercial or personal use.

The map included with this documentation is intended to be used as a simple guide and not as an exact description of the cemetery.

A total of 483 graves were surveyed with an accompanying 358 photos taken of the tombstones. Some graves were unmarked, but were recorded because it appeared there was a grave there and are marked on the map as such. All available and/or readable information was recorded as well as other notes about the condition of each tombstone. However, some inscriptions were unreadable and are marked as such in the lists.

This CD contains the lists in both HTML and PDF formats. It also contains both large and small maps in PDF format. Next to each name on the list are links to a large photo (2272 x 1704 pixels) and a small photo (320 x 240 pixels) of each grave marker. The pictures can also be accessed directly in the photo directory on the CD. They are labeled by name and location.


I want to thank Mayor Brumfield for suggesting this cemetery and for his encouragement.

I want to thank my fellow troop members and all that participated for helping me carry out the project. I especially could not have done it without my family.

List by name          List by location        Large map         Small map         Intro

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