Established July 1875


By Charles L. Seal

October 18, 2001


The cemetery is located on 20 acres of land in the Northwest corner of Evangeline Parish, (Formerly St. Landry Parish) owned by Edna Welch Odom (Wife of James Odom), Elizabeth, LA. The family cemetery of James Andrew and Susan Fisher Erwin is located on what was the North side of the old home place. Pecan trees and shrubs surrounded it at that time. The cemetery is enclosed with a beautiful rod iron fence, approximately 24 feet by 24 feet. Two graves are within the fence. James Andrew Erwin, was a Captain in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States. He married Susan Fisher. Following the war, James Andrew Erwin served as the Clerk of Court in Washington Parish until about 1870. During the year of 1870, Mr. And Mrs. James Andrew Erwin and family moved to St. Landry Parish (Later to be divided into Evangeline/St. Landry Parishes) where he engaged in farming until the year 1902. Mason Erwin of Oakdale, LA tells the story of his Great Grand Father and how the two children died. James Andrew Erwin was breaking a young horse to ride and gave Angus instruction not to try and ride the horse. While he was in Glenmora, LA, Angus tried to ride the untrained horse. He was thrown from it and injured internally and died from those injuries. James Wilbur Erwin died as an infant of fever. The inscription on the headstones are:



April 13, 1877 July 5, 1875 



May 30, 1889 Dec 8, 1875


The Center marker has the following inscription.

Our darling Buds

Our dear sweet boys

To give you up

It grieves us so,

But in that land

Of eternal joys,

You are better off

We know.

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