Caldwell Parish Old Cemetery


This cemetery is a few miles North East of Columbia, on Louisiana State Hwy 4.  It is located just off the highway, but is very hard to find. It cannot be seen from the Highway or the dirt road to the north of it.  A neighboring property owner took us too it. There was an old piece of red plastic tied in a tree on the Highway side of the cemetery, but this was fall and it blended in.  Until we were on the cemetery property it was not noticed.


I was told by the neighboring property owner, that the property the cemetery is located on is  owned by a lumber company.  There is a fence around the cemetery, it is bob-wire and in poor condition.  All fence post were broken and the bob wire was on the ground.


To the north of the cemetery  there is a dirt road  coming off east of  Hwy 4, and a second fence, in better condition. This fence  is  between the cemetery and the road.

The cemetery is in very poor condition.  With some of the markers broken, there was a fallen tree on one of the markers.  There were several mounds without markers and some indentations in the ground that could be a graves.  The indentations were the size of an adult grave and they were collapsing in the centers the length of the graves.  I estimate there were at least 20 graves without markers.

This inventory was taken on November 20, 2002, by Carole Ann Hall-Zoebel and Grover Cleveland Hall, jr.


The names and remarks are from the Markers.
Elizabeth  A. Eason
Wife of James A. Eason
May 8, 1825
Mary 21, 1882
W.S. Swim
Husband of L.V. Swim
Jan 23, 1832
Sept 21, 1867
W. R. Ray
Son of W.G. & P.R. Ray
June 30, 1858
March 17, 1891
Daisy E. Harris
30 May, 1858
17 Jan. 1859
Permilia R. Ray
wife of William C. Ray
Oct 17, 1825
Feb 28, 1882
William B. Meredeth
Sept 27, 1834
July 20, 1869
The next two markers were placed right next to each other:
Daughter of William B. & Lydia Meredeth
March 2, 1866
October 22, 1867
Son of  William B. & Lydia Meredeth
July 8, 1861
Aug 7, 1861
Thomas M. Thompson
Died January 16, 186_ (could not read last part of year)
Age 18 Years 3 months 20 days
Lucy Hines
Daughter of J.C. and L. O. Hines
December 1, 1885
March 6, 1888
William A. Hines
Son of J.C. and L. O. Hines
September 9, 1878
June 13, 1880
Susan Florine
Wife of W.N. Gilmore
January 30, 1889
April 5, 1922

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