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A free program for uploading to FTP servers.
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A free FTP program from Coffeecup
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A free HTML Editor from Coffeecup software. A very robust program and quite simple to use.

sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KThe Association for Gravestone Studies
AGS was founded in 1977 for the purpose of furthering the study and preservation of gravestones. AGS is an international organization with an interest in gravemarkers of all periods.
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KCity of the Silent
A page devoted to understanding and appreciating cemeteries.
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KCyndi's List
Cemeteries, Funeral Homes & Obituaries.
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KGenealogy Gateway
Online obiturary search page
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KPolitical Graveyard
The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried.
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KThe United States Civil War Center
Searchable cemetery lists of Civil War burials.

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sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KAGS Database Program
This IBM-based, easy-to-use database with search and report capabilities was developed specifically for recording gravestones and cemeteries. It is perfect for researcher, genealogists and photographers.

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sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KCEMETERY Mailing List
A mailing list for people interested in cemeteries. This is a good place for getting advice about the restoration and preservation and recording of the cemeteries.
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KGRAVE Mailing List
Grave-L is a new mailing list explicitly for taphophiles -- lovers of cemeteries and funerals. It will be of particular interest to historians, genealogists, funeral directors, cemetery workers, and others concerned with the preservation, folklore, and history of graveyards
sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KTOMBSTONES Mailing List
A mailing list for anyone who has an interest in genealogy and local history related to Monumental Inscriptions including gravestones, monuments, and war memorials. The aim of this list is to share information and knowledge relating to recording monumental inscriptions (how to go about it), presenting your records, letting others know that you have made records, and searching for details of where monumental inscriptions are held.

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Kathi Jones-Hudson

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