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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Bolt Cemetery   Boyd Co. KYGenWeb Site
Bowling Cemetery - Cattlettsburg   Susan Hale
Bowling Cemetery - White's Creek   Mark Bowling
Cemetery Locations   Teresa Martin Klaiber
Church Family Cemetery   Pam Rice
Collins- Lawson Cemetery   Susan Lawson Lamb
Field Estham Cemetery
includes readings
  Pam Rice
Fultz Cemetery   Joyce Hamilton
Howard Cemetery   Joyce Hamilton
Neal Cemetery   Linda Conley
Paddle Creek Cemetery   Susan Hale
Perkins Cemetery   Linda Conley
Porter-Quillen Cemetery   Sherrie Q. Cooper
Preston, Layne, & Wheeler Cemetery   Linda Conley
Pritchard Cemetery   Debi Foster
Rose Hill Memorial Park Cemetery
April Ratliff
Alice Warner
Ross Cemetery pg 1-6
Pg 9-15
Pg 16-27
  Pam Rice Church
Ross Cemetery   Debi Foster
Warner Cemetery
  Debi Foster
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

To register a cemetery, just send me a message telling me the name of the cemetery, the county and state where the cemetery is located and the names of the people who will be doing the transcribing.

If you have already transcribed cemetery data and would like for your work to become part of this project, just let me know.

KY Tombstone Project Manager

Sherri Bradley

Please remember, we cannot respond to
queries about ancestors or cemeteries!!


Please use "Cemetery Registration" as the subject line of your message.

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