Boone County

Where you see the , photos are available.

Anderson Family Cemetery   Robert Weis
Baker Family Cemetery
Big Bone State Park
  K.L. Garland
Baker Cemetery
Crouch Road
  K.L. Garland
Beaver Lick Christian Church Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Botts Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Bullittsburg Baptist Christian Church
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  K.L. Garland
Carpenter Cemetery   Shirlene Jensen
'Catholic' Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Chambers Cemetery   D.M. Prentice
Christy Family Graveyard   Shirlene Jensen
Concord Cemetery   Tina Wolfram
Conley Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Constance Cemetery   D.M. Prentice
Eastbend Baptist Church Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Harrison-Pike Family Graveyard   Shirlene Jensen
Hughes Chapel
(pending transcription)
Anya T. Hamilton
Moses McClure Cemetery
Near Verona
  Robert Weis Sr.
New Bethel Cemetery Carolyn Albritton
Old Richardson Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Peeno Cemetery   D.M. Prentice
Petersburg Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Price Pike Cemetery   Shirlene Jensen
Powers Cemetery
  K.L. Garland
Rice Cemetery
  K.L. Garland
Salem Predestinarion Baptist
Church Cemetery

  K.L. Garland
Sand Run Baptist Church Cemetery   K.L. Garland
South Fork Cemetery   K.L. Garland
Stansifer-Utz Cemetery
  K.L. Garland
Stephens Cemetery   D.M. Prentice
Watts Cemetery
  K.L. Garland


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