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Afton Cemetery

Don Blake
County Home Cemetery

Eleanor B. McCleary
WPA Records
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Polly Eckles
Bloomington Friends Cemetery

Brockway Cemetery

Conesville Cemetery

Cranston Cemetery

Dodge Family Cemetery

Doran/Doren Cemetery

Drury/Reynolds Cemetery

Gatton/Gatten Cemetery

Gilbert Jewish Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Harker Cemetery

Healy Cemetery

High Prairie Cemetery

Island Cemetery

Jesse Cemetery

Kiser Cemetery
aka Kisor or Eisele

Klein Cemetery

Krell Cemetery
aka Crell, Fricke or Saltmarsh

Lenz/Lentz Cemetery

Melpine Cemetery

Miller Cemetery

Montpelier City Cemetery

Montpelier Township Cemetery

Moscow Cemetery

Mt. Calvary Cemetery

Nye Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery

Overman Cemetery
Partial Transcription A-K

Parr Cemetery

Patterson Cemetery

South Prairie Cemetery

St. Malachy's Cemetery

Unknown Cemetery

Wesson Cemetery

Wildason Cemetery

Diana Hanson
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

If you would like to transcribe data for this Project, or you have already done cemetery surveys and would like to share that work with the world, please let us hear from you.  We are committed to keeping genealogy research FREE for everyone.

All Cemetery Surveys, Gravestone Inscriptions, Tombstone Photos and other files related to cemeteries are posted in the IAGenWeb Archives. It is not necessary to submit files to both the Tombstone Transcription Project and the IA Archives.

To submit a cemetery, please contact:
Iowa Tombstone Transcription Manager


Contact National Tombstone Project Coordinator:  Rebecca Maloney

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