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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Alexander Barnett Cemetery  
Baptist Cemetery (aka Old Baptist or Providence Baptist)  
Barnes Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Barnett Cemetery    
Big Grove Cemetery    
Burns School Cemetery    
Cackley-Hickman Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Camel Hump Cemetery Waynesville  
Campground Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Coppenbarger Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Coulter Cemetery    
Country Farm Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Crum Cemetery
#2 Transcription
De Witt Cemetery    
Evergreen Cemetery  
Fairview Cemetery    
Farmer City Cemetery    
Greenleaf Cemetery    
Griffith Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Hall Cemetery  
Halsey / Hougham Cemetery    
Harp Family Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Hays / Coppenbarger Cemetery    
Hill Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Johnson Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Lemen Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Lisenby Cemetery    
Long Point Cemetery  
Lyons-Quinton Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Maple Grove Cemetery   Volunteer needed
McClimans Cemetery
#2 Transcription
McCord Cemetery    
McGraw Cemetery  
Memorial Gardens  
Memorial Park Cemetery    
Mills Cemetery    
Nixon Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Oak Park Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Old Baptist Cemetery    
Old Union Cemetery  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery  
Quinton-Koche Cemetery
#2 Transcription
Randolph Cemetery    
Rock Creek Cemetery
#2 Transcription
Rose Cemetery  
Rucker Chapel Cemetery  
Saint Josephs Catholic Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Saint Patricks Cemetery    
Sugar Grove Cemetery    
Texas Cemetery  
Troutman Cemetery    
Tunbridge Cemetery    
Union Cemetery  
Walden Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Walters Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Weaver Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Weldon Cemetery    
Willmore Cemetery   Volunteer needed
Woodlawn Cemetery  
Misc Transcriptions    

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