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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Faye Little
Bethel Cemetery

Valerie Craft
Citizen's Cemetery

Henny Carlisle
Collins Springs Primitive Baptist Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Sherrie B. Crow
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery

David Family Cemetery

Judith Barber
Dist Cemetery
Meredith Clapper
Fairfield Methodist Church Cemetery

Cemetery Surveys, Inc.
Fowler-Hoy Cemetery

Judith Barber
Gann Family Cemetery

Janice Johnson-Martin
Greers Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery

Edward Ingram
Grogan Family Cemetery

Billye Pittner
Holly Springs Cemetery
West Side | Annex

Charlie Brooks
Hooper McWilliams Cemetery

Phillip Y. Hogsed, Sr.
Howell Family Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Tracy Dane
Kennesaw City Cemetery
Wally Mccollum
Kolb Family Cemetery

E.L. Daves
Liberty Hill Cemetery

Billye Pittner
Marietta City Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Frances E. Baker
Marietta National Cemetery
A | B-Beckwith | Beddington-Bodkin
Boes-Brookie | Brookin-Byron | C-Clegg
Cleghorn-Crozier | Crum-Densmore
Denson-Edmondson | Edwards-Fiske
Fitch-Gaskell | Gaskins-Greene
Greeneau-Harrington | Harris-Hewning
Hibbard-Hucks | Huddleston-Johns
Johnson-Kemple | Kendall-Larson
Lassiter-Lytle | Mabery-McClure
McCluskey-Millen | Miller-Munsterman
Murratt-Overbury | Owen-Pisel
Pitman-Reede | Reeder-Roux
Row-Sharpley | | Smith, S.-Stokes
Stone-Thomas | Thomason-Viall
Vickers-Wellons | Wells-Wilmot | Wilson-Z
Extracted from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Admin. Database 6/2006
Patricia Duggan
Mars Hills Church Cemetery

Billye Pittner
Midway Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Tracy Drane
Milford Family Cemetery

E.L. Daves
Miller-Blair Family Cemetery

E.L. Daves
Morgan Hill Chapel Cemetery

Billye Pittner
Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery
Meredith Clapper
Northcutt-Pyron Family Cemetery

Billye Pittner
Northcutt-Pyron Family Cemetery

Richard Pettys, Jr.
Old Allatoona Cemetery

Richard Pettys, Jr.
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Near Marietta
Michael Post
Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Barbara Winge
Roberts Cemetery

Linda Hesselgrave Lowery
Roswell Community Cemetery

Barbara Winge
Shiloh UMC Cemetery

Cemetery Surveys, Inc.
St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Frances E. Baker
Ruff Family Cemetery

E.L. Daves
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