Rockland Cemetery
Madison, New Haven, Connecticut

This census includes Rockland Cemetery, located in Connecticut, New Haven County, in the town of Madison.  It is located on County Road near the intersection of State Route 79 in North Madison, Connecticut in the Rockland section.  The cemetery was established and laid out as the North Burying yard in 1793.  The first known corpse to be buried here was Jacob Richmond in 1793.  It is currently owned and maintained by the town of Madison.  The burials include 4 Revolutionary War veterans, 3 Civil War veterans and 3 World War 2 Veterans as well as 19th century murder victim Mary E. Stannard, the subject of two books, Noose and Collar and Arsenic Under the Elms.  There are many unmarked but recorded burials here which have been included and verified through town burial records.  The minimum number of burials is approximately 330.

Submitted and copyrighted by Frederick Raudat on October 28, 2001 and updated on October 10, 2003.

Rockland Cemetery New Section Row 1


Joseph Stefanec 2/14/1877-10/10/1920

Joseph Vulk 1890-1973

Annastazie Vulk 1891-1947

Joseph R. Vulk 10/5/1919-9/7/1925

Joseph Vlk 1865-1924

Aloisie Vlk 1864-1940 his wife

August Rucker 1885-1960

Anna Rucker, wife of August, 1888-1919

Mother, Maxine Stevens 1877-1940

Joseph Tichy 1850-1919

Fransiska Wainer, wife of Joseph Tichy, 1852-1919

John H. King 11/19/1890-9/3/1962

Max Rucker 1913

Frederica Urban Rucker, wife of Max, 1916-1966

Ernest Albin Muller 1899-1970

Estella Swanson Muller, wife of Ernest, 1892-1978

Bertha B. Little 1904-2002

Norman E. Little 1900-1967


Rockland Cemetery New Section Row 2


Karl Sachenbacher 1910-1996

Louise V. Sachenbacher, wife of Karl, 1918-

Carrie K. Vulk 1890-1970 2nd wife of Joseph Vulk

Gordon L. King 12/16/1919-8/20/1997

Warren Powers Laird Myers, Jr 9/20/1948-11/23/1987

Eileen Frances King, wife of Warren Myers, 6/24/1944


Rockland Cemetery New Section Row 3


William Stannard 1875-1957

Ida B. Stannard, wife of William, 1879-1936

Dwight W. Beach 1899-1979

Edna Stannard Beach 1902-1952

Anna B. Lupinek 1883-1959

Helen Lupinek Blatchley 1905-2002

Leon G. Blatchley 1906-9/27/1987

Joseph A. Harbut 1885-1981

Catherine E. Harbut 1889-1979

Robert Harbut, son 1921-1993

Marie Renc 1866-1933

Joseph Renc 1862-1943

Carl E. Raudat 1906-1965

Margaret G. Raudat, wife of Carl 1907-1958

Frank Raudat 1853-1933

Pauline Raudat 1865-1944

Lillian D. Raudat 2/17/1902-10/11/1983

Barbara E. Friedrich 1888-1976

John L. Friedrich 1876-1954

Rose V. Raudat 1899-8/22/1971

Frederick W. Raudat 1900-1983

Justine B Walker 1875-1958

John King 1915-2003

Rockland Cemetery New Section Row 4


Isabella Haskins Hartman 5/30/1915-12/10/1968

Helen F. Raudat 1927

Robert W. Raudat 1926-2001

Frances A. Hilgert 5/20/1932-6/14/2000

Henry M. Hilgert 12/6/1921-8/5/1982

Caroline C. Dold Dorman 1864-4/30/1947

Janet Gemmell Jainschigg Nov. 20, 1908-Dec. 30, 2002

Cynthia L. Beaumont 1959-

Danielle Beaumont 1993-1993

David P. Beaumont 1959

Unmarked Michael Robert Pastet 3/12/1996


Rockland Cemetery New Section Row 5


Marion H. Oslander 1916

Joseph A. Oslander 1908-8/11/1990

Arcady Smolensky 11/17/1920-10/28/1995

Helen E. Smolensky 3/29/1926-5/30/1986

Emilia C. Grabowski Faulkner 10/11/1921-12/6/1998


Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 1


Emil Schellbach 1903-1984

Lydia Poudim Schellbach 1910-2001

Wilhemina Straus 1858-1942

Max Straus 1886-1963

Ella Myers Straus 1886-1977

Johanna Coleman Ackerman 1883-1974

Frederick A. Ackerman 1883-1960

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 2


Unknown John Pandiani ?

Webster C. Chapman 1899-1978

Anne C. Chapman 1897-1984

Webster C. Chapman, Jr 1927-2000

Ralph N. Tyler 1835-1914

Other Tylers?

Ann, infant of Monroe and Ann Burr 11/10/1871

Monroe Burr 1838-1900

Annie M. Richmond, wife of Monroe Burr, 1841-1919

Flora A. Myers Baldwin 1890-1927

Edwin O. Meyer 5/24/1888-2/19/1918

Frederick P. Meyer 1/10/1850-2/17/1936

Bertha M. Meyer 3/1/1855-1/12/1923


Adolph E. Ackerman 1844-1918

Emma C. Ackerman 1856-1926

Wallace Ackerman, their son 1902-1920

Several Unknown

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 3


Kuver Family

George Morgan Davis 1840-1915

Catherine Davis, his wife, 1844-1883

Willie P. Burr, son of Nehemiah and Fannie 8/26/1871


Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 4


Maggie C. Stevens, wife of Duell W. Stevens, 7/6/1890, 21 years, 11 months, 18 days.

Aletha V. Green, wife of Walter Green, 3/10/1895, aged 39

Fannie J. Burr, wife of Nehemiah Burr, 4/11/1883, aged 32

Caroline W. Davis, wife of Peter, 1842-1883

Peter Davis 1842-1889

Willie Newman Hill, son of James and Catherine Hill, 8/11/1883 aged five years, seven months

Alice M. Stevens, their daughter, 1877-1884

Elma A. Doolittle, wife of Wilbur Stevens, 1852-1892

Wilbur B. Stevens 1848-1917

Asa Stevens 8/18/1815-8/23/1899

Catherine A. Lynn Stevens, wife of Asa Stevens, 6/9/1824-11/16/1902

Leland B. Stevens 1865-1942

Peter Fippinger, 9/29/1900, aged 72

Sabina Gotzian, wife of Peter Fippinger, 12/24/1917 aged 68

Lena D. Policar, wife of Joseph T., 1892-1952

Joseph T. Policar 1889-1929

Dorothy Bowen, daughter 1910-1962

Mary E. Smith, wife of John Bowen 1877-1962

John I. Bowen 1874-1945

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 5


George N. Davis 6/13/1879 aged 68

Mary M. Davis, 9/21/1896, wife of George N. Davis, aged 81

Anna M. Stevens, wife of Austin O. Stevens, 11/8/1880, aged 34

Christopher C. Davis, 11/16/1872, aged 30

Jennie L. Davis, daughter of George and Mary Davis, 11/22/1867, aged 19

Irene Burr, 3/2/1873, aged 60 years, 6 mos

Joseph Burr, 3rd, 6/7/1875, aged 67 years, 8 mos.

Hibbert Francis, 3/24/1898, aged 89 years, 6 mos.

Amelia B. Doane, wife of Hibbert Francis, 11/20/1891, aged 80 years

Mary A. Stevens, wife of Jeremiah Stevens, 4/28/1901, aged 83

Jeremiah Stevens, 7/7/1870, aged 57

Asa Stevens, 9/1/1870, aged 94 years

Rachel Stevens, his wife, 1/9/1884, aged 82

Helen Lucina, grandaughter of Asa and Rachel Stevens, 6/20/1879, aged 22

Marcus A. Young, 11/9/1870, aged 54

Henrietta E. Young, wife of Marcus A. Young, 7/6/1897, aged 72

John Stone, 4/26/1876, aged 59

Julia A. Stone, 6/5/1879, aged 59

Henry L. Frair, infant son of Rawson and Mary Frair, 7/4/1873, 4 mos, 2days

Mary A. Frair 8/7/1877, aged 34 years 2 months

infant daughter of Fred S. and Mary Stone9/4/1883

Truman Stone, 11/18/1869, aged 40

Submit Scranton, wife of Truman Stone, 9/13/1916, aged 77

Asahel Stone, 4/12/1878, aged 70

Siba Stone, 3/4/1877, aged 75

James B. Stevens, 2/6/1907, 72 years

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 6


Lewis H. Scranton, 3/4/1859, son of H.E. and Sarah A. Scranton

Carrie A. Scranton, 1/10/1865, daughter of H.E. and Sarah A. Scranton

David Scranton died 4/25/1876, aged 80 years, 9 mos

Fieldstone, unknown

Jacob Harrison, 10/24/1825 Revolutionary War, Capt. Foot's CO

Lois Harrison, wife of Jacob, 10/5/1843, aged 86

Jerusha Simmons, wife of Elisha, 2/15/1831, aged 42

Irene Harrison, 11/28/1846, aged 50 years

broken stone marker

James Pardee/3/5/1831, aged 78

Sarah Pardee, wife of James Pardee, 1760-1844

James R. Pardee, 6/15/1843, aged 47

Almy Pardee, wife of James R. Pardee 10/31/1825,aged 25 broken stone, illegible inscription.

Amos Stevens, 10/22/1830, aged 67

Rachel Stevens, wife of Amos, 8/3/1859, aged 90


Illegible marble marker Anna wife of Orrin Leach died 12/16/1825, aged 55

Martha Norton, Our Mother 4/17/1860, aged 78

Captain William Hale,8/29/1812, aged 32 illegible brownstone marker

Mrs Rachel Hale, wife of Zebulon, 6/17/1817, aged 65 illegible brownstone marker

Zebulon Hale, 3/22/1821, aged 73


Saiba Scranton, 9/24/1851 aged 79

Simeon Scranton 3/19/1831, aged 67 years

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 7


Nathan E. Dowd, 9/16/1867, aged 48

Mary C. Riggs, His wife, 1822-1905

Selina P. Dowd, wife of William R. Rose, 8/10/1876, aged 64 years, 4 mos.

John M. Harrison, died 11/26/1853, aged 31, O Death where is thy sting!

In memory of Sybil, wife of Truman Harrison, who died 10/5/1843, aged 42

Charlotte, wife of Truman Harrison, illegible 4/14/1842, aged 42

In memory of Truman Harrison, who died 2/9/1856, aged 63

Marvin Davis, died 11/5/1835, aged 31 years

5 Field stones

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 8


Julius Kapitzke, died 3/14/1885, aged 55 years

Andrew Hazlett, Co F 15 Regt Conn Vols. died 7/30/1900

Edeitha, widow of Christian Arnold of Haddam, died 11/12/1830, aged 81

Rev. Samuel West died 11/18/1836, aged 70 years

Mrs. Anna, widow of Rev. S West died June 1, 1837, aged 53

Mary, wife of Samuel West who died 4/6/1830, aged 66

On the 22nd of June 1815, departed this life much lamented Rev. Eliphalet Lester in his 87th year. Forty years a Baptist Minister. He was a good husband...


In memory of Mr. Asher Fowler, who departed this life,...1804 in the 70th year of his age.

3 fieldstones.

Deborah Davis died 12/29/1820, aged 19 years

Roxanna Davis who died 1/13/1822, aged 16 years. They are gone but not forgotten

Jeremiah Davis, died 12/5/1820, aged 45

His Wife,Our Mother who died 2/19/1857, aged 80

Hezekiah Hubbard, died 6/1/1837, aged 46

In memory of Catherine, wife of Josiah Coan who died 8/29/1827, aged 63. This languished head is at rest. Its thinking and are...This quiet immovable breast is heaved by affliction no more.

In memory of Josiah Coan, who died 2/2/1836, aged 76

In memory of Peter Coan who died 12/8/1836, aged 37 years

In memory of Susannah Coan who died 3/19/1852, aged 59

Josiah Coan died 6/21/1874, aged 86

blank space, possible unknowns

Susan A., wife of Joseph A. Scranton, who died 3/15/1897, age 82 Asleep in Jesus

Joseph A. Scranton, who died 5/15/1874, aged 61 Blesses are the dead who die in the Lord

JHH Footstone

Malachi Rogers, who died 11/16/1820, aged 64

Lucretia, his widow, who died 7/24/1842, aged 75


Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 9


Corp. James D. Hawley Co B 6 Inf Conn. Vols. died 12/18/1879

fieldstone, possible others

Nathan Fowler, died 11/25/1821, aged 72


Sarah Stannard died 10/18/1841, aged 61

6 fieldstones

William M., son of Horace and Charlotte A. Gardner, died 2/23/1844, aged 13 mos A blighted flower a bud of purest promise nipt in early morning hour

2 fieldstones

Mrs. Harriet, wife of Samuel Stevens, died 8/16/1839, aged 32


In memory of Joseph H. Hill, who died 9/29/840 aged 75 I know that my redeemer liveth

Hester, wife of Joseph Hill, died 3/21/1865, aged 87 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

Anna, wife of Danford Stevens, died 3/15/1827, aged 21

Danford Stevens died 3/25/1862, aged 61

In memory of Mr. Joseph Hill, who died 8/29/1836, aged 35

Footstone. Revolutionary Sargeant David Thompson, 7/28/1828, aged 78


Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 10



James C. Scranton, died 6/1/1882 aged 65

Rachel, E. wife of James C. Scranton, died 4/21/1899,aged 77 She who was noblest brightest and best our mother has left us to find perfect rest

Eliza Ann, wife of Curtis Stone, died 4/25/1887, aged 68. I would not live alway

Curtis Stone died 7/15/1877, aged 62 broken stone

Luman Stone, died 3/15/1855 Blessed are they who die in the Lord. aged 76

Rhoda, wife of Luman Stone, died 12/16/1862. aged 82 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall know God

Ann L., daughter of Horace and Charlotte A. Gardner died 5/31/1858 12 years, 8 mos

Charlotte A., wife of Asa Stevens, died 1/6/1854, aged 37

Horace Gardner died 6/25/1847 aged 29 years 4 mos



Hester, wife of Samuel Butler of Essex, died 4/4/1819 aged 73

In memory of Mr. Obadiah Tyler, who died 9/30/1819, aged 80

Hannah wife of Obadiah Tyler, died 4/5/1830, age 88

In memory of Nancy Stevens, wife of Amos Stevens, who died 3/22/1840, aged 28

Revolutionary War Soldier, David Thompson, who died 7/28/1828, aged 78

Jane Wright, his wife/ 1/13/1828, aged 55

Melora Lynn, died 4/26/1833, aged 60


Rockland Cemetery Old Section 11


In memory of Julia, wife of John C. Buell, who died 2/29/1840, aged 41

In memory of Rebecca Stevens, widow of Nathaniel who died 2/21/1833, aged 78 years

In memory of Nathaniel Stevens who died 10/3/1825 aged 83

Edward L. Stevens, who died 9/24/1893, aged 74

Dinah, wife of Edward L., who died 5/23/1873, aged 53

Emogene H, daughter of Edward L and Dinah Stevens died 3/5/1853, aged 6 years Ere sin caught blight or sorrow fade Death came with friendly care The opening buds to Heaven conveyed and had them blossom there

illegible Stevens who died 9/1/1817 A flower has pass'd from earth away Sweet was thy life though yet a day

John L., son of Edward L. and Dinah Stevens, died 1/24/1853 aged 3 years 11 mos

William H., son of Willis and Betsey Stephens who died 6/21/1822 aged 6 mos 14 days

In memory of Betsey, wife of Wyllis Stevens, who died 10/18/1837, aged 39

Also an infant child

In memory of Wyllys Stevens, who died 2/2/1839, aged 42

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 12


5 fieldstones, possibly more

Alpha, wife of William Coan, who died 11/20/1875, aged 88 years 5 mos Jesus can make a dying bed as soft as a downy pillow

William Coan, died 6/12/1857, aged 76

Polly, wife of Thorit David, died 1/22/1879, aged 75 I know that my redeemer liveth

Thorit Davis, died 3/19/1863, aged 68

Julius P. Stevens, broken stone, died 8/24/1859 aged 38

Loren Stevens, who died 8/13 1863, aged 78 broken stone

Dinah, wife of Benjamen M. Stevens, died 10/12/1851, aged 31 How much we loved how much we miss and mourn thee God knows alone-and blessed be his name

Benjamen M. Stevens, died 3/26/1881, aged 64

Mr. Alanson Field died 4/21/1814 in his 29th year

Enos A. Stevens, died 3/20/1898, aged 76 broken stone

Sarah J. wife of Enos A. Stevnes who died 5/8/1884 aged 61 We miss her yes we miss her more than the tongue can tell but we know she is with Jesus whom she loved so well.

Nancy A. wife of Simeon P. Stevens, 8/9/1878 aged 78 years 7 mos

Simeon P. Stevens, died 6/6/1863, aged 69

Leonard Scranton born1807 died 5/16/1844, aged 37 Husband and Father RIP

Electa, wife of Leonard Scranton, died 7/31/1900, aged 88 years, 11 months

John L. son of John and Sarah ives who died 9/22/1851 aged 1 year 4 mos

In memory of Sarah L., wife of John L. Ives, daughter of Abner and Rachel Stevens, died 6/9/1850, aged 20 Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Lord cometh to take us to himself.

George Edgar, son of Abner and Rachel Stevens, died 11/19/1843, aged 7 years, 7 mos


Edgar J. Stevens, died 1/24/1892, aged 46 years

Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 13


5 fieldstones?

Cornelia A. Stevens, died 3/27/1900, broken stone

Loren B. Stevens, died 4/23/1879, aged 59

Julius T. son of L.B. and C.A. Stevens, who died 10/31/1861, aged 2 years

Arnold A. son of L.B. and C.A. Stevens, who died 10/6/1861, aged 6 mos 18 d's

Alfred C. , son of L.B. and C.A. Stevens, who died3/8/1854, aged 4 mos 8 d's

Wealthy A. Stevens, 1857, aged 20, illegible

Lewis Stevens, illegible son of Jeremiah and Mary L. Stevens 3/12/1854 9 mos

Henry L. son of Jeremiah and Mary Ann who died 5/25/1862, aged 2 years 11 mos

Martha E. daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Stevens who died 1/1/1862, aged 9 years

several unmarked

Lucy A. Richmond died 4/27/1889, aged 80

Dwight F. Richmond 7/9/1866, aged 67


Rockland Cemetery Old Section Row 14


Dwight and Annie Richmond, broken brownstone

6 fieldstones?

Lillian E. Spencer 1862-1920

George Spencer 1858- 1932

Baby Myron 1879

Francis B. Mills broken stone 8/1880 aged 70

Betsy A. wife of Noah Lane, who died 4/15/1890, aged 84

Noah Lane who died 7/31/1875, aged 69

Eliza Scranton, died 9/11/1877, aged 77


Ella E. , daughter of Gilbert S. and Sabrina Stone, died 1/19/1862, aged 7 mos 16 d's


Potter's Field Section


at least four fieldstone marked graves


Known unmarked burials


5/14/1880 a child of Henry Priest, 2 years

5/10/1882 Helen Ives

1/30/1883 Mrs. Maria Cooper

1/5/1883 Charlotte A. Tyler

2/27/1904 Dau. Melissa Stannard

Evelyn Scranton, 8/25/1886, 88 years

10/2/1887 Charles Alton Green, aged 24

1/2/1888 Amanda S. Scranton, aged 89

10/3/1888 Charles Sylvester Stannard

5/13/1889 Mary Cunningham, aged 62

10/19/1889 Joseph Stannard, aged 78

7/8/1890 Margaret Stevens, aged 23

10/16/1891 Bessie Elnora Hill 1 mo

10/30/1891 Lottie S. Tyler, aged 20

2/10/1892 Eunice Jones

4/16/1893 Raymond C. Davis

1793 Jacob Richmond

1878 Mary Elizabeth Stannard

12/27/1896 Mabel Myers

2/3/1898 Charles Scheibler

4/24/1899 Rachel Scranton

11/20/1899 John Jaske

3/30/1901 Matilda Ameranger

12/25/1901 Olive Anna Meyer

3/18/1902 John J. Davis

5/20/1902 Louis Kuhn

5/11/1903 James Hill

1/11/1904 Austin O. Stevens


Known unmarked burials

4/26/1904 Frank Backhaus

5/29/1908 Wilhelmina Poehvert, later disinterred

3/30/1909 Catherine D. Kuver

5/5/1910 Jacob N. Kuever

5/12/1924 Anna M. Kuever

11/3/1923 Thankful E. Stevens

4/23/1924 Nancy Ann Rose

9/23 1928 Annie Hannabary

10/31/1928 Helen Hannabary

9/5/1929 Frances Screen

4/271930 Edwin Bruce Stannard

5/30/1932 Unidentified white male

4/9/1933 Leroy Ellis Oslander

4/20/1933 Olivia Green

12/31/1937 William E. Rose

9/25/1939 Mrs. Theresa Bessinger

11/2/1940 Elizabeth Jane Duke

2/15/1941 William Nicholas Kuever

6/19/1941 Albert Chase

5/14/1942 John Pandiani

5/8/1943 John Hauman

1/28/1949 Marie Tichy

7/3/1952 Lena Drumm

5/6/1956 Delbert H. Razey

11/16/1936 Kate Razey

1/1/1959 Gus Curtis, aged 85

9/5/1974 Ethel Curtis, aged 86



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