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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Bare Plains Cemetery

John Whalen
Broad Street Cemetery

Janis Franco
Evergreen Cemetery

Gail Hahn Hutchcraft
Gethsemane Cemetery

Janis Franco
Grove Street Cemetery
Wall Inscriptions

Hamden Plains Cemetery
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Luann M. Bianco
Meetinghouse Cemetery

Janis Franco
Northford Cemetery

Janis Franco
Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground
aka AKA Colonial Cemetery

John Whalen
Old Milfordside Burying Ground

John Whalen
Old Saint Mary's Cemetery
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John Whalen
Pine Grove Cemetery
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John Whalen
Rockland Cemetery

Frederick Raudat
Saint Boniface Cemetery

Janis Franco
Saint Patrick's Cemetery
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Janis Franco
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery

Janis Franco
State Street Cemetery

Luann M. Bianco
Summer Hill Cemetery

Frederick Raudat
Trinity Cemetery
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Walnut Grove Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery

John Whalen
Whitneyville Cemetery
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

If you would like to transcribe data for this Project, or you have already done cemetery surveys and would like to share that work with the world, please let us hear from you.

All Cemetery Surveys, Gravestone Inscriptions, Tombstone Photos and other files related to cemeteries are posted in the CTGenWeb Archives. It is not necessary to submit files to both the Tombstone Transcription Project and the CT Archives.

To submit a cemetery, please contact:
Connecticut Tombstone Transcription Manager

Contact National Tombstone Project Coordinator:  Rebecca Maloney

Please understand, I am unable to respond to queries about ancestors, cemeteries,
or do lookups! If a particular person or cemetery is not listed I have no additional information.

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