Grand Street Cemetery



Trancribed from "Ancient Burying Grounds" of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut.  Vol. 2  The Mattatuck Historical Society Publication 1917.  Compiled and edited by Katherine A. Prichard.



Mr. Benjamin Prichard - This Benjamin was not, as stated in Waterbury History, Vol I, App. 109, son of Benjamin and Hannah (Lambert) Prichard, but of Joseph (of Benjamin of Roger), who married in Bristol, R. I., August, 1740, Mary Gaines, and had Joseph and Mary, daughter of Thomas and Tabitha Gaines.  Thomas was a sea captain, and died at sea, November 1729.  Joseph Prichard died; and his widow married, in 1763, James Welton, and died November 17, 1807, aged 86 years.

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