Grand Street Cemetery



Trancribed from "Ancient Burying Grounds" of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut.  Vol. 2  The Mattatuck Historical Society Publication 1917.  Compiled and edited by Katherine A, Prichard.



Ezra Belden - Ezea Belden and a man named Cowles came from Meriden about 1836 or 1837 to establish a plumber's and tin shop.  They began work in what had been Brown & Upson's (Philo Brown and Hiram Upton) blacksmith shop on South Main Street, about where the L. L. Trumbill building is.  This burned down and they moved into a small building - a wagon house -  on Bank Street, south of "Baldwin's Block."

Belden occupied the house adjoining.  After his death Luther Hall bought the property and business, to be succeeded in turn by E. R. Lampson. (F. J. K.)

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