St. Michael's Cemetery
Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut

 Submitted by Gail Hahn Hutchcraft on December 22, 2002.   


Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Bennett, Baby   5-23-1921 infant of George H. & Agnes Mulligan Bennett  

Bennett, Agnes M. Mulligan

4-19-1885 2-21-1967 d/o Wm. H. & Anne E. O'Rourke Mulligan, w/o George H. Bennett

Bennett, George H.

1882 7-23-1951 h/o Agnes Mulligan Bennett, Ret. Fire Lieutenant

Birch, Mary Mulligan

9-10-1861 1-7-1945 Born in CT, Died in NY, d/o Peter & Margaret Reilly Mulligan, w/o David Birch

Hahn, Margaret Louise

10-20-1923 4-19-1925 age 18 mos, d/o George August & Margaret Mulligan Hahn

Hahn, Margaret A. Mulligan

12-2-1880 4-20-1937 Born in CT, Died in Chicago, d/o Wm. H. & Annie E. O'Rourke Mulligan,  w/o George August Hahn

Mulligan, Katherine L. Herold

3-3-1892 2-21-1987 d/o Frederick & Mary C. Phalen Herold, w/o Wm. Henry Mulligan

Mulligan, George E.

  2-19-1918 age 32, s/o Wm. H. & Anne E. O'Rourke Mulligan, h/o Susie Seggell

Mulligan, William Henry

8-30-1886 11-18-1983   s/o Wm. H. & Anne E. O'Rourke Mulligan, h/o Katherine L. Herold Mulligan

Mulligan, William H.

11-27-1855 8-1-1909 s/o Peter & Margaret Reilly Mulligan, h/o Anne E. O'Rourke Mulligan

O'Rourke, Elizabeth

1891 4-11-1974 Born and Died in NY, d/o ?, single, cousin to Wm. Mulligan  

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