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Colorado Cemetery Status Symbols:
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This cemetery has been registered. This is a complete transcription as of the date noted...Updates welcomed!

Weld County



Ault Cemetery 


Bee Bee Draw Cemetery
(Located between LaSalle and Kersey
off of WCR 49 and about WCR 40) (Reg 1/05)

Lelia Oster

Briggsdale Cemetery
(Completed 10/2002)

Nareen Lake

Brush-Daniels Cemetery


Buckingham Cemetery


Coleman Cemetery


Eaton Cemetery 


Erie Cemetery 
(Completed 6/2004)

Pam & Jim Richards
Sandi & Lee Smith

Evans Cemetery 
(Completed 5/2003)Old Block 1 OBlock 2 OBlock 3 OBlock 4 Pottersfield ReplatBlock 3 RevReplatBlock 3 ReplatBlock4

Jim & Pam Richards

Evans Cemetery updated 2019

Elwell Cemetery, see Johnstown

Fort Latham Cemetery, Latham
(Completed 12/2005)

Wayne and Karen McGuire

Fort Saint Vrain Cemetery
(Completed 1/2007)

Wayne and Karen McGuire

Fort Vasquez Cemetery
(Registered 10/2005)

Wayne and Karen McGuire

Gerry Cemetery


Highlandlake Cemetery

Pauli Smith

Hillside Cemetery, Ft Lupton
(Partial complete 12/07)

Jim & Pam Richards

Home of Peace Cemetery, Grover
(Completed 10/2002)

Nareen Lake

Horst Cemetery, Keota


Hudson - See Mountain View


Johnstown Cemetery (formerly Elwell) 
(Completed 9/2007)

Cindy Cook

Keota Cemetery
(Completed 10/2002)

Nareen Lake

Lakeview Cemetery, Windsor 


Liberty Cemetery, Avalo


Linnehur Family Cemetery


Linn Grove Cemetery, Greeley 


Mizpah Cemetery, Platteville
(Complete 9/2009)

William Penfold

Mount Pleasant Cemetery


Mountain View Cemetery, Hudson 
(Completed - 10/11/00)

Joyce Hyde

Mountain View Cemetery, Nunn


New Raymer Cemetery
(Updated  1/2003)

Nareen Lake

Pilgrim Cemetery


Pleasant View Cemetery

Paula King

Prairie View Cemetery, Stoneham


Saint Francis Cemetery, Platteville
(Completed 4/2006)

Wayne and Karen McGuire

Saint Vrain Cemetery
(Registered 12/05)

Wayne and Karen McGuire

Sligo Cemetery

Merle and Allene Niehaus

Sunnyside Cemetery, Dolan Spring


Sunset Memorial Gardens, Greeley 


Windsor Cemetery


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