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Colorado Cemetery Status Symbols:
Open for registration and transcription. Partial or in-progress transcription on this cemetery.
This cemetery has been registered. This is a complete transcription as of the date noted...Updates welcomed!

Montrose County



Ash Mesa Cemetery, Olathe 
(registered 11/2002)

Rebekah Correll

Button Cemetery
(Completed 5/2006)

Paul Martin

Cedar Cemetery, Montrose


Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Nucla 

Bonnie Morris

Cimarron Cemetery (Was Gunnison County)
(added 6/18/2001)

Darin D. Foran  

Cimarron Cemetery (partial version)-
(Was Gunnison County)

(added 6/26/2001)

Darlene Lundy-Veo

Cimarron Cemetery
(Update added 10/25/2006)

Dona Freeman
Donna Lee

Coventry Cemetery
(Completed 9/1/2006)

Donna Lee, Norton & Fay Brewer

Grand View Cemetery, Montrose 


Nucla-Naturita Cemetery 


Oak Grove Cemetery


Olathe Cemetery 


Paradox Cemetery
Paradox Cemetery Update
(Updated 9/2006)


Pea Green Cemetery  
(Completed - 5/18/01)

Darin D. Foran  

Piñon Cemetery, Nucla


Redvale Cemetery


Uncompahgre Cemetery, Montrose


Ute Cemetery


Valley Lawns Cemetery, Montrose


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