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Mesa County



Appleton - see Crown Point 


Calvary - See Orchard Mesa


Calvary (Sacred Heart) Cemetery, Fruita

Pamela LaCount

Cedar Crest Cemetery, Collbran 
(Complete 7/2002 )

Andrea B. Strahl

Clifton (Pear Park) Cemetery
(1890s cemetery - current status??)


Clover Cemetery, Collbran
(Complete - 5/2001)

Kathleen Haney

Crown Point Cemetery, Appleton 
(aka Appleton, Veteran's Crown Point, Bethel and the Loback District Cemetery)

Robin Hood and

Kathleen Haney

DeBeque Cemetery 
(Complete - 6/2001)

Dianne Olson

Eaglalite Cemetery, Plateau City 
(Completed October 2001)

Dianne Olson

Elmwood Cemetery, Fruita   
(Updated - 9/2002)
Block 1  | Block 2 | Block 3 | Block 4 | Block 5 |
Block 6 | Block 7 | Block 9 | Block 9b | Block 10 |
Division Section    Elmwood Park (cremations)

Kathleen Haney

Fairview - see Mesa


Fairview (old) Cemetery, Grand Junction
(Closed - Most remains moved to other area cemeteries)


Fairview (new), Orchard Mesa
(aka Fairview II)

Robin Hood and

Kathleen Haney

Gateway (LaFair) Cemetery


Glade Park Cemetery
(Uploaded 4/2003)

Kathleen Haney

Grand Junction Memorial Gardens
Garden of the Christus Cremation Garden
Garden of Gethsemane Cremation Garden
Garden of Gethsemane & Sermon on the Mount
Garden of the Last Supper
Garden of Devotion
Garden of DevotionColumbarium

Kathleen Haney

Grand Junction Municipal - see Municipal, Orchard Mesa


Hope Cemetery
(Abandoned, remains moved to??)


IOOF Cemetery - See Orchard Mesa


IOOF Cemetery, Palisade - See Palisade Municipal


Little Park Cemetery, Glade Park


Masonic Cemetery - see Orchard Mesa


Mesa (Fairview) Cemetery (Fairview)


Massey Cemetery, Gateway


Molina, Cemetery
(completed  6/2001)

Darin D. Foran  

Municipal Cemetery, see Orchard Mesa

Kathleen Haney

Ohr Shalom Jewish Cemetery - See Orchard Mesa


Orchard Mesa Cemetery
Block: A Lower | A Upper | B | C | D | E | F | G | South Side
Block H (Completed 10/6/01)
IOOF North & Middle Section
IOOF South Section
Masonic Section

Robin Hood and
Kathleen Haney

Orchard Mesa Cemetery (cont)
Calvary Section 1  Calvary Section 2&3   St. Anthonys
Ohr Shalom Jewish Cemetery
Veterans Small Section
Veterans Large Section

Kathleen Haney

Orchard Mesa Cemetery (cont)
(registered 6/2001)
5  | 6 | 7 8 |  9 | 10 (added 7/2001)
Rose Garden 
Cremation Garden (Completed 10/2001)

Kathleen Haney

Orchard Mesa Cemetery Maps  (Avg 200 kb GIF)
Lower A | C and Upper ABlocks B, D, E & G | Block FCalvary | MasonicOdd Fellows | Veterans

Kathleen Haney

Palisade Municipal Cemetery 
(added 6/2001)
A  |  B  |  C  | DE  |  F  | G  |
Section 3  | Baby Section

Kathleen Haney

Pentecostal Cemetery, Loma


Plateau City- see Eaglelite


Potters Field, Grand Junction

Gladys Tovrea Brandstoettner

Sacred Heart- see Calvary, Fruita


Saint Anthony's - See Orchard Mesa


Teller Institute (Indian School) Cemetery
(Closed, remains moved?)

Kathleen Haney

Veteran's Cemetery - see Orchard Mesa


Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado
(Updated 11/2003) Section 1| Section 2| Section 5| Section 8
Remaining Sections open for registration

Kathleen Haney

Whitewater Cemetery

Anthony J. Gagler

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