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Larimer County



Adams Cemetery, *
3/2002-This is an old abandoned cemetery on private property about 10 miles west of Livermore,  just south of the Red Feather  Lakes highway. Headstones exist and have been recorded by a local women's group. - (dk)


Bingham Hill Cemetery, La Porte *
3/2002 -old cemetery that is cared for by Rose Brinks who has  published a book with its history and listing of all headstones.  There are many unmarked graves. (dk)


Boothroyd-Hutchinson Cemetery
(Completed 7/1/02)

Duane Kniebes

Boyd Ranch Cemetery
3/2002-A family cemetery with about 6 graves, all with headstones.  It is located about one mile south of present Virginia Dale. (dk)

Duane Kniebes 

Buckeye Cemetery
(Completed 4/6/2002)

Duane Kniebes

Craddock Ranch Cemetery
3/2002 - This is a single grave of a young Craddock boy.  A headstone is present.  Location is about 4 miles north of Livermore  on the Koch ranch. (dk)

Duane Kniebes

Estes Valley Memorial Garden
Estes Park 80517
(Partial as of 12/05)

Robert Hakenewerth

Forrester Cemetery
3/2002 - This is a 4 grave fenced family cemetery located in the Laramie River Valley about 20 miles south of the Wyoming border.  The cemetery is abandoned and there are no headstones. (dk)


Fort Namaqua Park Cemetery
3/2002- This is a 4 grave cemetery with a common headstone, and is located in Loveland.  (dk)


Grandview Cemetery, Fort Collins *
  Operated by the city of Fort Collins.

Sections:  1 | 2 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G |
H | I | J | K | L | M | N | S | T
(Section '2' completed 11/02, Section '7' in Dec 02.)
3/2002- This is the County's largest cemetery.  City owned, it contains about 15000 burials.  All burials are on their computer, and    I believe that the Larimer County Genealogical Society has a listing. (dk)

Tim Nobis

Grange Ranch Cemetery
3/2002-A single burial with headstone on a boy scout ranch about 3 miles south of Red Feather Lakes. (dk)


Greenlawn Cemetery, Berthoud *


Harmony Hill Cemetery, *
 Corner of Harmony and McMurray, Fort Collins

3/2002- An inactive cemetery on Harmony Road south but in Fort Collins.  It contains about 50 graves.  The cemetery has   been plotted and all headstones recorded. (dk)


Highland Cemetery, Wellington * 


Hupp Family Cemetery  
(Completed 7/1/02)

Duane Kniebes

Lakeside Cemetery, Loveland
3/2002-A big cemetery across US287 from Loveland Burial Park.(dk)


La Porte Cemetery *
3/2002- same as Bingham Hill (dk)


Livermore Cemetery *
3/2002-This is an old, inactive cemetery on private property.  We will finish plotting the cemetery this summer. (dk)


Loveland Burial Park 
3/2002-Loveland's largest cemetery.  Someone (DAR) is in the process of listing the headstones now, but it is a big job. (dk)


Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, Estes Park
(Complete - 9/18/00)

Robert Hakenewerth

Manhattan Cemetery, *
North of Glen Echo
3/2002- An 8 grave, abandoned cemetery.  It is next to the old mining town of Manhattan which no longer exists.  The cemetery is  best known for the grave of "Rattlesnake Jack" Brinkhof. (dk)

Duane Kniebes

Mountain Home Cemetery *
3/2002 -Graves moved to Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins many years ago.  Reburials are in the northwest corner of Grandview. - (dk)


Patterson Cemetery
3/2002- single grave marked only with rocks on the property of Steve Kestrel.  It is located in Redstone Canyon which is at the west edge of Buckhorn Mountain, just west of Fort Collins (dk)


Pittington Cemetery
3/2002- Two Pittington baby girls buried inside white fencing.  Location about 9 miles up Redstone Canyon, and needs 4-wheel drive to get there.  Ownership unknown but cared for by a couple living about a mile from there.  (dk)

  Duane Kniebes

Post Cemetery * 
Fort Collins
3/2002 -Graves moved to Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins many years ago.  Reburials are in the northwest corner of Grandview. - (dk)


Resthaven Memory Gardens, *
Loveland 80538
Surname Index  A - K | L - Z
  Located between Fort Collins and Loveland just off Highway 287 

Karen Helt

Rose Lawn Cemetery, *  
Fort Collins
  Surname Index  A - J | K - Z
  Operated by the city of Fort Collins, see Grandview

Karen Helt

Sunrise Ranch Cemetery
(completed 6/2002)

Duane Kniebes

Stoney Park Cemetery
3/2002- abandoned cemetery up Rist Canyon Road from Laporte.  No markers exist but the literature lists names of several burials.  
    We (DAR) will be plotting this cemetery this summer.  There are perhaps 20 burials prior to 1910.  Finding this cemetery was an adventure in itself.  The legal description of its location is wrong (dk)


Timnath Cemetery *
  3/2002- An abandoned cemetery about 3 miles north of Timnath, CO.  No ownership and could be registered.  Perhaps 20  graves. (dk)


Virginia Dale Cemetery  
3/2002- Next to a Community Church about 5 miles south of present Virginia Dale on US287.  It could be registered.
        There is also an "Old Virginia Dale Cemetery" next to a 1960's Stage Station that is still preserved. (dk)

Duane Kniebes
(completed 4/2002))

Worster Cemetery
3/2002-Tough to find without a local guide or GPS reading.  Abandoned with about 8 graves, fenced. Ownership unknown.      Location is in the northwest part of the county and about 8 miles south of the Wyoming border.  The name should be the Worster Cemetery. (dk)


* List of Cemeteries according to the GNIS

(dk) - Duane Kniebes   "There are many more cemeteries in Larimer County.  They range in size from one to over 80 burials.  Some are still active.  Several are ashes burials only.  We have found over 130 sites and have at least 30 more to go.  We will register sites on GenWeb as we can find the time." 3/2002

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