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Gunnison County



Cimmarron Cemetery (Now Montrose County)
(added 6/2001)

Darin D. Foran --NEW--

Cimmarron Cemetery (partial version) 
(Now Montrose County)

(added 6/2001)

Darlene Lundy-Veo

Chance Cemetery, Chance


Crested Butte Cemetery, Crested Butte
(10/2000 - 1972 listing uploaded. Update in progress.)

Gary Kyte

Doyleville Cemetery #1, south of Doyleville


Doyleville Cemetery #2, Doyleville


Gunnison Cemetery
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June Shaputis

Irwin Cemetery (Ruby Camp), Kebler Pass
(added 6/2001)

Darin D. Foran --NEW--

Jacks Cabin Cemetery, Jacks Cabin
(added 9/2002)

Darin D. Foran  

Marble Cemetery, Marble

June Shaputis

Nurse-Brownlee Cemetery, south of Gateview


Ohio City Cemetery, Ohio City
(added 7/2004)

Ruth Dolezal

Palisade Cemetery, north of Gunnison


Parlin Cemetery, Parlin


Pitkin Cemetery, Pitkin
(added 7/2004)

Ruth Dolezal

Powderhorn (aka Cebolla), Powderhorn


Ruby / Ruby Camp see Irwin


Sapinero Cemetery (New), Blue Mountain Resv


Somerset Cemetery, Somerset

Ken Mellott

Tin Cup Cemetery, Tin Cup

June Shaputis

Tomichi Cemetery, White Pine
(Completed 7/2009)

Tina Wheeler

Vulcan Cemetery, Vulcan


White Pine Cemetery, White Pine
Completed 2/05

Valerie Boman

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