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Fremont County



Asher Gulch Cemetery, CO Hwy 9 at Asher Gulch


Beaver Park Cemetery, Penrose

Ralph C. Hastings

Bowen Family Cemetery
(Closed, Remains re-interred in Lakeside in 1992)


Bumback Gulch Cemetery, Parkdale


Burnett Family Cemetery, Cnty Rd 132, NE of Florence

Mary Ann Thomas

Callen - Kelly Family Cemetery, Callen Ranch

Robyn Asimus

Coal Creek Cemetery, Coal Creek
Jan 2003- There are no longer any headstones  left at the Coal Creek Cemetery.
All known remains were re-interred in Union Highland Cemetery and all access to the old cemetery is restricted

Mary Ann Thomas

Coaldale Cemetery, Coaldale
(Completed 12/2000)

Carol McNew
*** UPDATED 2/03***

Cotopaxi Cemetery, Cotopaxi
Index to Transcription | Cotopaxi Burial Record
(Index 10/2000 - Transcription in progress.)

Carol McNew
*** UPDATED 2/03***

Eskilson Grave Site, Colo Hwy 9, NW of Cañon City

Mary Ann Thomas

Galena Cemetery, Galena


Garden Park Cemetery

Ralph C. Hastings

Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery
    and I.O.O.F Cemetery, Cañon City
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(Updated 2007 by Carol McNew)

Ralph C. Hastings

Grisenti Ranch Cemetery, southeast of Portland
(Two unknown graves of smallpox victims, no records)

Mary Ann Thomas

Hayner Family Cemetery, near Portland

Mary Ann Thomas

Hillside (San Isabel View) Cemetery, Hillside
Intro A-H | J-Z
(Complete 3/2001)

Carol McNew
*** UPDATED 2/03***

Hobo Gravesite at Cramer Station


Holy Cross Abbey Cemetery, Cañon City
(Complete 3/2001)

Mary Ann Thomas

Howard (Pleasant Valley) Cemetery, Howard
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(10/2000 complete!)

Bill and Carolee Schrader

I.O.O.F, Canon City - see Greenwood


Lakeside Cemetery, Cañon City

Lower Beaver Cemetery, Penrose

Ralph C. Hastings

McCumber Family Cemetery, CO 
Hwy 115 near Brookdale

Mary Ann Thomas

Mountain Vale Memory Gardens, Cañon City


New Hope Church Cemetery,
 north of Wetmore

Ralph C. Hastings

Frank Nulph Grave, Texas Creek Gulch
(Complete - 3/2001)

S. D. Scott

Parkdale Cemetery, Parkdale


Pleasant Valley - see Howard


San Isabel View - see Hillside


San Juan Bautista Cemetery, Florence

Shirley Evans

Skyline Drive East, Cañon City
(Unmarked grave found during construction. No records.)


Skyline Drive West (Three Mile Springs) Cemetery, Cañon City

Mary Ann Thomas

Suckerville Cemetery, near Whitehorn
(Probably the Whitehorn Cemetery)


Sunset City Cemetery, Copper Gulch

  (6/02 -The cemetery is in Copper Gulch in the Sunset City area. It is known as the Sunset City Cemetery. I am unaware of any graveyard that goes by the name of Copper Gulch.
    From the little I have found in the way of documentation, there were only wooden crosses for the three interred here. This was a pretty rude "town" in the few years of its existence, mostly a stage stop on an Overland route to Salida and Leadville. I have found no mention of the cemetery or its headstones being moved.   --Charlie)

Tallahassee Cemetery, (Tallahassee Creek area)


Taylor Family Cemetery, Tallahassee Road

Mary Ann Thomas

Temple Canyon Park
       (Rumored Indian burials)


Twelve Mile Cemetery, Twelve Mile Park


Union Highland Cemetery, Florence
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Ralph C. Hastings

Upper Beaver Creek Cemetery

Mary Ann Thomas

Upper Beaver Creek Cemetery

Ralph C. Hastings

Whitehorn Cemetery, near the Whitehorn Townsite
       (Abandoned, at least 8 graves, no markers)

William L. Schrader

Wilbur Cemetery, CO 67 north of Adelaide


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