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Baca County

Cemetery --Mel West <> has volunteered do lookups in this County


Atlanta Cemetery, Atlanta Townsite


Boston Cemetery, south of Vilas
(completed Nov 21, 2001)

 Mel West

Campo (Coe) Cemetery, Campo

Gail Brown

Carrizo Springs, south of Utleyville


Chadderdon-Capansky Cemetery, west of Campo


Chapel Hill Cemetery, east of Utleyville


Deora Cemetery, Deora Townsite


German Dunkard (German Baptist), south of Midway


Hines (Lonestar) Cemetery, south of Walsh


Konantz Cemetery, northeast of Stonington

Gail Brown

Lay's Chapel Cemetery, southeast of Springfield


Lone Star Cemetery


Lyon's Camp Cemetery


Maxey Cemetery, Maxey Townsite


Minneapolis, northeast of Walsh

Mount Carmel, southeast of Campo


Old Number Two Cemetery, southeast of Pritchett


Praire Queen Cemetery, southwest of Pritchett
(Complete - 5/22/01)

Mel West

Pritchett Cemetery, Pritchett


Rodley Cemetery, Rodley


Springfield Cemetery, Springfield
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Gail Brown

Stonington Cemetery, Stonington

Gail Brown

Two Buttes Cemetery, Two Buttes


Vilas Cemetery, Vilas


Walsh Cemetery, Walsh


Zion Cemetery, east of Pritchett