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Arapahoe County



Byers Community Cemetery, Byers

Lynn Vier

Chapel Hill Cemetery, Littleton-Southglenn


Eastlawn, Aurora
(cemetery is also listed in Adams)


Evergreen Cemetery, Deertrail


Lewis Cemetery, Parker


Littleton Cemetery--1860-1950
(Completed 11/2003)
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Nancy Garrett

Littleton Cemetery-1950 to Present


Melvin-Lewis Cemetery

Sent: January 31, 2003
Subject: Melvin-Lewis Cemetery

We stopped by the cemetery today. A shopping center has been built around it but the cemetery has been preserved -- that is the good news. The bad news is that the markers for the individual graves are all missing. One had a maker with initials and it was obvious there used to be something else on the base. There is a marker stating the cemetery was used about 1860-1910 and another unexplained marker expressing gratitude to their advances to medical knowledge. (?) I would be happy to take pictures of those 2 markers and call around to libraries and see what we could find out; however, if you have a book listing this cemetery, you might already know more than I could discover!

If anyone needs pictures from cemeteries in the area, I would be happy to run and get them. I would consider working on a cemetery if there is anyone interested in helping! I would consider a very small one if doing it on my own! (I have never done this, but think it would be fun to help!)

Thanks for all you do!

Robin Toms
Aurora, CO

Mount Nebo Cemetery, Aurora

Running Creek (Salem) Cemetery
(Completed 1/2006)

Stephanie P. Trotter