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aka Sawtelle Soldier’s Cemetery
950 South Sepulveda Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90049
310-268-4675/4494 | Fax: 310-268-3257
Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs
National Cemetery Administration Database | June 2006

Aaberg-Akerman Akers-Allsup Allumbaugh-Andre Andreasen-Artz
Arundale-Azzomi Babb-Balkovic Ball-Barquette Barr-Bauier
Baum-Behr Behrendt-Beresford Bippus-Blonski Blood-Bopp
Boquett-Boyson Boyte-Bresnean Bresney-Browman Brown-Browne
Brownell-Bunn Bunnell-Burton Burtonwood-Byxbe Caba-Campbell
Campeau-Carponelli Carr-Castle Castleberry-Chartier Chase-Clarino
Clark-Cline Clingenpeel-Collasure Collazo-Contner Conto-Corrigan
Corry-Craik Crain-Cruten Cruz-Czuchrowski DAleo-Davidson
Davie-De Klyne De La Cruz-Denmire Denmuer-Dill Dillabough-Donnellan
Donnelly-Drakes Draluck-Dunmore Dunn-Dziekan Eachus-Eidson
Eigenauer-Ennis Eno-Ezell Faas-Firth Fiscar-Flowers
Floyd-Foster Fothergill-Frelow French-Fylling Gaal-Garnant
Garner-Gerke Gerkensmeier-Gilmore Gilpatrick-Gombossy Gomer-Graggs
Graham-Green Greenaway-Grove Grover-Gyssels Haacke-Halls
Hallstein-Hanskin Hanson-Harris, Keith Harris, Krester-Haun Haupert-Heer
Heerdt-Henton Henwood-Higginson Higgs-Hobus Hoch-Holmer
Holmes-Hotz Houchin-Huggins Hughes-Huston Hutchens-Hytt
Iacopetti-Izzo Jabelman-Jarow Jarowitz-Johnsen Johnson-Johnson, Quinton
Johnson, Ralph-Jones, Mary Jones, Maxie-Jutten Kaba-Keil Keilman-Kenney
Kennings-Kindt King-Kline Klinefelter-Kraft Krafve-Kyttle
L'Heureux-Lane Lanese-Laws Lawsing-Lemig Lemire-Lexon
Leyendecker-Llewellyn Lloyd-Lough Loughead-Lytton Maack-Malin
Malinao-Marr Marrett-Mast Masters-Mazzuca McAdams-McQuown
McReynolds-McCulley McCulloch-McKee McKeene-McTyer McVay-Metzinger
Mews-Miller Millerliele-Mon Monaco-Moots Moquin-Morthland
Mortier-Murnane Murnigkeit-Mytton Nabers-Ness Nessen-Nofiel
Noftz-Nyval O'Boyle-Odum Oefinger-Osaki Osborn-Ozenbaugh
Pablico-Parli Parmele-Pearl Pearman-Perry Perryman-Pickingpack
Pickle-Pooler Pooley-Pribble Price-Pyles Quackenbush-Quittschreiber
Raab-Raya Raybold-Reilley Reilly-Richards Richardson-Rivers
Rives-Rock Rockafellow-Roscoe Rose-Rubens Rubenstein-Ryzmek
Sabatini-Sauls Saulsberry-Schneider Schneiderman-Scullin Scully-Sharkey
Sharman-Shield Shields-Simms Simon-Smalley Smallwood-Smith, Joe
Smith, Joel-Snodgrass Snook-Spence Spencer-Stapf Stapler-Stevenson
Stever-Stover Stovring-Sullivan Sulser-Szumski Tabackman-Taylor
Teader-Thomlinson Thompson-Tipton Tiqui-Trew Treworgy-Tzaganos
Uaballe-Uzelac Vaara-Vassar Vassealie-Vylasek Wachdorf-Wall
Wallace-Warr Warrecker-Weberg Webster-Westley Westlund-Whitestone
Whitfield-William Williams-Williams Williamson-Wind Windecker-Wood
Woodall-Wyville Xavier-Xydes Yackel-Yuzon Zabala-Zywiciel
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

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California Tombstone Transcription Manager
Kathi Jones-Hudson

Please understand, I am unable to respond to queries about ancestors, cemeteries,
or do lookups! If a particular person or cemetery is not listed I have no additional information.

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