O' Possum Walk Cemetery

Johnson County, Arkansas

Said to be one of the oldest cemeteries in Arkansas.

At least 50 unknown rock markers.

Submitted by Pris Weathers, Christina Head, Dillon Picard, and Randy Picard

Graciously Provided by Arkansas Ties


Castleberry, Elizabeth

Castleberry, Lewis

Foley, Mary V. ( Daughter of Geo. & M.D. Foley)

Foley, R.L. "Sonny"

Hatfield, Earl

Hatfield, Unknown (1872-1912)

Johnston, Marget

Kemp, E.S.

Kemp, J.L.

Kemp, N.E.& M.P. (Born and Died November 28, 1882 )

Kemp, O.C.

Kemp, T.C.

Kincaid, J.A.

Miler, W.J.

Moore, Lillian C.

Sampley, George F.

Sampley, John Henry

Sampley, Martha A. ( Daughter of F.M. & M.T. Sampley )

Sampley, Opal Lucinda

Weir, George Washington ( Confederate Marker