"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Original transcription done Nov 7,2007, by Rosa Cline


This is a PARTIAL  listing of people interred at this cemetery.

I have obits for some of them, if anyone would like a copy. I have made an alphabetical listing before the actual transcriptions below. Beside each name I have noted if I have an obit ( obit) , a headstone photo ( hd pic) , or an actual photo for that person ( pic ) or an article about their life or death ( art ). If you have found my name with a note of having an obit on a previous listing I can not guarantee I still have it unless it is noted below. I still have lots of things I’ve not found and added in. But I can not guarantee anyone copies of anything I have, but I will share with you’ll what I have. So if you would like me to share with you, or you share extra data please feel free to contact me. However, please have the respect to not contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request.  I will be trying to update this listing as I have time for, and when I do I will put an “*” beside the newest data entered. (Even if the name has already been there from a listing before if I have * beside I have added data or corrected data there.)


I live too far away from this cemetery to actually do any look ups. These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.  I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below, but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at this cemetery, I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me.


I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered when they have gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well.


Edith Carpenter   obit

Knova Patterson

Shirley Patterson

Knova Radford  (please see her data in the P listing below)

Clara Smith  obit

L.B. Smith  pic  obit

Polly Smith 




Edith Mooney Carpenter

b. 1919 d. Mar 5, 2007

She died in Ozark, AR

Daughter of Brady Mooney and Cordelia Hignite Mooney

Wife of Gerald Carpenter

(printed out copy)



Knova Lois Barnett Patterson

b. June 11, 1912 d. May 22, 1983

She was born in Jethro, AR and

died in Ozark, AR

Daughter of Thomas Barnett and Luther Bowles Barnett

Wife of Thomas Radford and Nemo Patterson

(related to my Barnett families)



Shirley Lois Patterson

b. Feb 25, 1943 d. Oct 15, 1984

She died in Andersen, IN

Daughter of Nemo Patterson and KnovaLois Barnett Patterson

(related to my Barnett families)



Clara Mildred Hurst Smith

b. Mar 30, 1931 d. May 5, 2004

She was born in Coal Hill, AR and

died at her home in Ozark, AR from cancer

Daughter of Gus Hoyt Hurst and Elizabeth O’Brien Hurst

Wife of L.B. Smith

(related to our Eastep families)


L.B. Smith

b. June 4, 1927 d. Dec 20, 2005

He was born in Ozark, AR and

died at his home in Ozark, AR from a heart attack

Son of Andrew Jackson Smith and Polly Ann Eastep Smith

Husband of Clara Mildred Hurst Smith

(related to our Eastep families)



Polly Ann Eastep Smith

b. July 7, 1888 d. Nov 8, 1936

She was born in Fallsville, AR and

died in Ozark, AR

Daughter of Benjamin Eastep and Emily Jane Smith Eastep

Wife of Andrew Jackson Smith

(related to our Eastep families)